Waiting for mike s to play, in The Three Amigos game room !

P2, please make your initial play before Sun May 22 16:32:43 2022 GMT, to avoid expiry.

5 tiles have been played on this board, and there are 74 tiles remaining
in the letter bag. There are also 21 tiles remaining in all of the player trays.

You can only login to your game using its verification code sent to your e-mail address.
Please enter your verification login code, exactly as is given:    
All game emails, are sent to all players automatically by the game. That has not changed
since May 1998. Click here if you need to have your New Game Invite email resent to you.

Nudge Player 2? Then please click here.

To view the current state of play for this game please click or tap.

P1 judy p
Score: 14
P2 mike s
Score: 0
P3 diana h
Score: 0
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