The Pixie Pit© set-up a new 3 player Regular Scrabble© game page for
The Rain Forest game room.

lease use suitable names for the players using A to Z/a to z and/or numbers. Games with player names that may cause
offence to other players, will be deleted without warning. Please start all new games within 7 days, else they will expire.
After entering all of the player names, and their e-mail addresses used, please click on the Set-Up Game button below.

If you are using your web browser's auto-fill feature, which remembers e-mail addresses you have entered below
in the past. Please make sure those e-mail addresses used, are correct, else the recipient's will never receive their
game invites. Please be aware, auto-fill features are a function of a web browser, they are not a game function.
Please only use your subscribed e-mail address, for all of your games. If you are not subscribed, please click here.

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Post an optional message to your opponents' ?

Please check a box, to the right of the dictionary you wish to use, else leave all unchecked, if you are not sure.
This option acts a guide as to which dictionary(s) you may refer to in this game, it will not switch any on or off.

All Dictionaries:- OSPD2:- OSPD3:- OSPD4:- OWL1:- OWL2:- OWL14:- OWL16:- OWL18:- OWL20:- CSW12:- CSW15:- CSW19:- CSW21:- SOWPODS:- NWL23:- WOW24:-

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