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Lauri - Sep 8, 2019 - 11:43:17
California [USA]
Regular Scrabble, using only the OWL14 dictionary with no word finder or bingo finder thanks.
Denise - Aug 31, 2019 - 06:58:26
Las Vegas [United States]
Super Scrabble, all dictionaries, no word or bingo finder. I play several times a day
Uri Breda - Aug 22, 2019 - 08:57:25
Mercer Island [United States]
Daily player, regular board. OWl-14 for the dictionary. Email me at uribreda@gmail.com or start a game.
SassyPants - Aug 10, 2019 - 05:56:11
Olympia Fields [United States]
I'm a Super Scrabbler, use all dictionaries and word finders! I play regularly and respond quickly! I'm a Clabbers player as well🙂
Clementine - Aug 8, 2019 - 08:52:35
Bellingham [USA]
Super Scrabble, no SOWPODS or Collins dictionaries, with no Word Finder but Bingo Finder is fine
Larry - Jul 17, 2019 - 02:51:19
Corona [United States]
Experienced player would like to play another in a long-term tournament. Super Scrabble only using a wordfinder. We would keep a running point total of games played and whoever reaches 10,000 points first (about 10 games) would be declared winner of that tournament. If you might be interested in this, email me for specifics or questions.
Alice - Jul 10, 2019 - 06:28:33
West New York NJ [USA]
Super Scrabble, no word finder
Susanne - Jun 30, 2019 - 11:39:50
Burlington, VT [USA]
Looking for players who like Super Scrabble, all dictionaries and word finder. I will be a quick responder. Thanks
Tracy - Jun 21, 2019 - 0:14:58
Windsor, CT [USA]
Prefer the regular board - no SOWPODS, no word finders or bingo finder. Friendly chat is welcome. Daily player.
Janeen - Jun 20, 2019 - 05:18:00
Minehead [UK]
I like playing Super Scrabble, with all/any dictionaries and wordfinders. Regular player.

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