Fairy Artwork by Molly Brett.

Molly Brett (1912-1990).Born in Surrey, Molly Brett’s mother was noted animal painter, Mary Gould Brett. She studied art at the Press Art School under P V Bradshaw and latter attended classes at the Guildford Art School under Victor Bernand. Molly Brett started her career illustrating first children’s’ weekly papers and annuals, including various illustrations of books by Enid Blyton. She worked with The Medici Society, and her work has been produced as greetings cards, postcards, and children’s’ book illustrations. She also wrote several children’s books and featured in many radio and television programmes. She was a member of the Guildford Art Society from 1947.  

Source by kind permission of  T. Mardles, Collections & Exhibitions Officer, Guildford House Gallery. Guildford UK.

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