To play a blank tile, just type in the letter you would like it to represent. All blank tiles entered in this way,
are drawn with red letters and without a score subscript,
since blanks have no score value.

The Minus Sign may be used to play a blank tile anonymously. This option does not work using Firefox as your web browser.
If you use the minus sign to play a blank tile, please let your opponent know what letter it represents. Blanks have no score value, and they have to represent a letter (A to Z). They must not be used to represent an empty space! Blanks remain their designated letter, for the duration of the game. They cannot be assumed to be any other letter, if they are played anonymously.

Advanced Tip: If you are playing a blank that coincides with a letter you already have. Say you have one Z and one blank but need to spell a word with two Z's like FIZZY, and you want your Z to play on a triple, or double letter square. Then it is better to use "-", the minus sign, to play the blank explicitly, so the game knows exactly WHERE the blank should be played. The game will always play the actual letter first and assume the second letter be the blank.

There is no rule in Scrabble, that allows the exchanging of a blank played on a game board, for the letter it represents, nor to use it to represent any other letter. Blank tiles have no score value. The game is best played using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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