his feature is only used to remember your login password, and it saves you entering it each time you login. It does not store any other information about you, other than your game login password. To be able to use it, you have to accept cookies. By allowing us to remember your passwords, you are giving us consent to set the cookie on your local drive, with your password details. By that we mean the game's software sets the cookie.

If you share a machine with family or friends, then you will have to log out on the end of play page. This removes your password from the cookie, so others sharing your machine, will not be able to login to your game. You may also log out from your board, and play your turn later, should you wish to do so.

If you share a machine, and can login as different users. You will not have to log out. However, if you share a machine as the same users, your cookies can be overwritten, and the cookie information become the others users password info. Please set Allow Meta Refresh to enable, in your Web Browser's settings. This will prevent you from viewing any cached pages, stored on your local drive. You can still use Full Screen Mode. Either hit your F11 key, or click on View, in the Menu at the top of your browser, and select Full Screen. To learn more about cookies, please click here, which opens in a new window.

This notice is in compliance with the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) imposing an EU directive designed to protect Internet users' privacy, that all UK web sites have been given until 26 May 2012 to make sure visitors are able to give "informed consent" over cookies.

If you should require any assistance, please contact us at Admin.
We must have full details of all player names and game room name.
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