Super Scrabble© a 21 x 21 board with 200 tiles and quadruple premium letter and word squares ! If you wish to play the game, please click here.

1) Post an optional message to your opponent(s).

2) Automatic scoring of plays, plus Instant Scoring of plays, as you enter them.

3) Play in Full Screen Mode, or use Tiny Tiles.

4) Shuffle, sort and arrange tiles in your tray. 

5) Current cursor position is highlighted. Keyboard arrow keys can be used to easily navigate the game board form fields.

6) Swap tiles, and/or skip your turn.

7) Challenge a play.

8) Correct a play error.

9) Challenge, and correct an incorrect challenge.

10) Change your password.

11) Change your e-mail address.

12) Delete a game, or retire from a stalemate game.

13) Receive emails of your own plays.

14) Opt not to receive updates of your opponent's plays. (3, and 4 player games only).

15) Use the Word Finder, or Bingo Finder.

16) View Letter Bag/Remaining Tiles, also the Tile Count of your opponent's trays when Letter Bag is empty.

17) View all your own game details.

18) List all plays made.

19) Use the on-line 297,000 word Official Scrabble Dictionaries. (OSPD2, OSPD3, OSPD4, OWLS/TWL98, OWL2/LWL, COLLINS 2012 and SOWPODS).

20) Define words facility, external to our site, and may not define all Scrabble words.

21) Hall Of Fame for Top 10 scores, 2, 3 and 4 player games. Top 10 high scoring words.

22) Tile Count option when letter bag is empty. This gives the tile count of each player's remaining tiles.

23) Comprehensive help pages, FAQ's, Rules and error pages etc.

24) Submit a Query page, and Admin support. 

25) Game playable in 13 languages.

26) Special rooms for WebTV and Apple Mac Users.

27) Downloads page has Scrabout, which is useful for practice games.

28) Play at your leisure, no need to be always on-line.

29) You choose your own opponents, not the game.

30) External Chat Room.

31) Tile Frequency page.

32) Guestbook, also useful for finding a player.

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