Please read, and then check your mail settings.

You can only open any new game, using its unique, six digit verification code. This unique verification code, is sent to you, in your game e-mail invite. It is attached to the end of the link that opens the page, where players are asked to create their preferred password.

All the game e-mails are sent to all players on the e-mail address of Therefore you must have the e-mail address, included in your Safe List. To do this, open your e-mail, and  click on Contacts, then click on Safe List, and add that address.

Many Internet Service Providers use anti spam filters that may be filtering out your game e-mails as spam. If you suspect this, please ask them this:-

Why can I no longer receive my player opt-in to receive Scrabble game emails, sent from IP Address with the hostname with their envelope to e-mail address which are sent to me on in the From field” ?

Please make sure you or your service are not sending your game e-mails to a Junk Mail/Spam/Delete folder. The game sends out all the game e-mails automatically. We have no control over their arrivals at the other end sorry, that can depend on so many factors. The fact that your game exists, in the lists in the game rooms, proves your game invites have been sent to you. The new game set-up subroutine, creates the game, and sends out all of the game invites, at the same time.

Also make sure you have enough room in your Inbox to receive e-mails. If you are using spam filters, make sure they allow you to receive your game e-mails. It is never a question of the game e-mails not being sent, that process is automatic. It is always a question of. Why haven't you received yours?

During peak periods, many Internet Service Providers hold e-mails in a queue. There is nothing we can do about that, but your game e-mails will arrive eventually. They may not be in the order played, and may all arrive in one go.

Many employers, and Universities will block non-work related e-mails. So if you are playing from a work place, please make sure you are allowed to do so! 

We hope this helps,


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