Welcome to The German 2 Player Game Room !
Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play , 2 to play
and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 389 games being played in this room.

   aero and Vektor
   alb and reg
   AlexS and Claudi
   Aligra and Dietmar
   aligra and giulietta
   Aligra and Jutta
   aligra and jutta
   aligra and malheur
   amen and elan
   Anakin11 and Sledge62
   Anakin and Sledge
   Andrea and Beate
   Andrea and Doris
   Angelika and Dietlind
   Angelika and Elisabeth
   Anita and Elisabeth
   annag and carinag
   Annelis and Marianne
   Annelis and Ursula
   annette and griselda
   annme and eland
   Ansi and Biha
   astrid and maegi
   Aua and Aui
   Aysel and Uschi
   Bade and Kleid
   Baergarten and Gabalkon
   Bald and Ferien
   barbaraD and claudia
   BarbaraMue and MonikaMi
   Barbara and David
   Barbara and Dietlind
   barbara and inez
   Barbara and Sonja
   Barba and Inez
   Barba and Mona
   Barbra and Kate
   beate and barbara
   beate and dietlind
   beate and inge
   beate and lizzy
   beat and rock
   Beethoven and Melone
   Benni and Doris
   Benni and Ursa
   berndchen and jeaux
   bern and langnau
   Betti and Karin
   Bibi and Maggie
   Birgit and Dietlind
   blaue and fohlen
   BlueBird and Dorothea
   BlueBird and Freundin
   Bluemlein and Blau
   Blumen and Schale
   bodensee and Rhein
   borsalino and panama
   bot and ham
   Brigitte and Steph
   Britta and Lea
   brod and ruz
   Bruder and Schwester
   cary and silvy
   cheibeduetschi and huereschwiizer
   Christstrasse and Leonardyweg
   Chris and Jutta
   Cinco Bayou and Hossegor
   claudi2 and tinto2
   ClaudiaB and Alex
   Claudias and Barbara
   Claudia and Regula
   Claudi and Moni
   Clau and Inez
   cla and vol
   col and din
   David and Dietlind
   David and Dietmar
   David and John
   DeutscherSpargelPat and OrrechietteMax
   Dietlind and Beate
   Dietlind and Elisabeth
   Dietlind and Eliza
   Dietlind and Elli
   Dietlind and Gerlind
   Dietlind and Heide
   Dietlind and Inge
   Dietlind and Lizzy
   Dietlind and Uschi
   Dietlind and Ute
   Dietmar and David
   Dietmar and Doro
   Dietmar and Gerlind
   diregula and behans
   Doc and Memmels
   Doglo and Pibrei
   Donald Duck and Daisy Duck
   Donald Duck and Minnie Maus
   dora and gerd
   Doris and Ingrid
   Doris and Jutta
   Doris and Margrit
   Doris and Milo
   Dorothea and Dietmar
   doro and exe
   Doro and Josef
   do 1 and ne 1
   do and p
   EatonMessPat and FruchtsalatMax
   Edelgard and Dietlind
   edith 01 and juerg 1
   Elena and Sonja
   elisabeth and astrid
   elisabeth and eliza
   Elisabeth and Elli
   elisabeth and gabi
   elisabeth and heide
   Elisabeth and Ike
   elisabeth and ingrid
   elisabeth and karola
   elisabeth and uschi
   Elke and Dietmar
   Elke and Ingrid
   Ellen and Kasimir
   Elli and Barbara
   Elli and Elisabeth
   Elli and Ingrid
   Elsbeth and Esther
   England and Kroatien
   Erika and Silvia
   Esther and Ursula
   Ettingen and Bern
   Ettol and Malheur
   Exe and Hexe
   eXe and inkognita
   e and Barbara
   familie and family
   Fenster and Putz
   fini and keeko
   Flavia and Annelis
   Flavia and Biggi
   Flavia and Julier
   flipper and antje
   Fohlen and rote
   Fohlen and Rote
   Francoise and Lea
   Francoise f and Elli
   Fred and Tinto
   Frog and Fox
   Frueh and am Morgen
   Frueh and aufgestanden
   gabs and babs
   Gab and Ine
   Gab and Pet
   Ga and Baer
   Ga and Ly
   Gerlinds and Dietmar
   Gerlind and Beate
   Gerlind and Dietlind
   gerlind and uschi
   gewitter and hagel
   Giraffe and Hanns
   Giraffe and Tinkerbell
   gloor and breit
   Gloor and Breit
   Gloor and breitenstein
   glo and brei
   Goldach 01 and Thun 01
   Goldach 03 and Thun 03
   Goldach 04 and Thun 04
   Goldach in and Thun
   Gris and Mar
   gurko and mandedel
   Hammerhart and Schlagfest
   hanns and aligra
   hanns and jutta
   Harry and Meghan
   Hausen and Hellern
   Haxen and Muesli
   heide and milo
   Heike22 and Doris22
   Heike5 and Doris5
   Heike8 and Doris8
   Heimi and Aysel
   Heimi and Moniqueah
   Helga and EM
   Hellern and Hausen
   HGW and TW
   Hilde and Ike
   hund and kater
   husch and cla
   Hu and Bu
   Iinez and Klaus
   Ike and Max
   Ilse and Ulrike
   inessa and stefan
   Inezz and Monka
   Inge and Elli
   inge and Ingrid
   Ingo and Josef
   IngridH and Elke
   IngridH and ingridN
   Ingrid and beate
   ingrid and doro
   Ingrid and Doro
   Ingrid and Karola
   Ingrid and Ulrike
   Japan and Amerika
   Joerg and Ingrid
   Josef and Doro
   josef and ingrid
   Jule and Chris
   Julier and Flavia
   jutta and aligra
   jutta and beate
   jutta and chris
   juttA and exe
   jutta and hanns
   Jutta and Malheur
   karola and ingrid
   Karola and Lisa
   Karola and Nadja
   Karola and Rita
   KarZue and MarDie
   Kasimir and Ellen
   katzi and gabs
   Kawien and Gafreiburg
   kazi and lybe
   Kerzen and Licht
   Kiboko and Beate
   kiboko and palmstroem
   Killarney and Kilkenny
   Kissen and Decke
   Klaus and Nils
   Kundi and Gundi
   landi and meisi
   Lea and Malheur
   Lea and Moni
   Leichtmatrosin and Ignaz
   Lein and Koe
   leopard and giraffe
   Liege and Stuhl
   Lindau and Erkelenz
   lis and irm
   llw and phw
   luzia and rita
   Lys and Kas
   Ly and Ka
   maga and krav
   malheur and aligra
   Marianne and ingrid
   Maria and Silvia
   mariechante and sieglindelacht
   Mario and Patricio
   Markus and Martina
   Marta and Denise
   Marta and Nadia
   marta and rita
   Mary and Usch
   May and Mai
   Melone and Beethoven
   merkel and obama
   Midnightsol and Happy
   Milo and Doris
   Milo and Sabine
   MoMi and Marki
   Monika and Doris
   Monika and inez
   Moni and Inez
   Montag wie and ein Dienstag
   nadja and doris
   Nadja and Josef
   Nemacki and German
   NeueBrille and Feldenkraisole
   Nikolaus and Wolfram
   ni and li
   null and eins
   Oiram and Oicir
   Oleander and Lavendel
   Opa and Oma
   Palmstroem and Susanna
   Patricia and Dietlind
   Patricio and Mario
   peter and Nick
   pet and cla
   Pfingsten and daheim
   Pfingstrose and Margareta
   Pfingst and Montag
   Pfingst and Rose
   Pfingst and Sonntag
   Pfingst and weekend
   Phryne and Twig
   pi and do
   Pokal and Sieger
   Poncho and Pelerine
   Quadrat and Kreis
   Rabe and Elster
   Radeln and Kunst
   reg and alb
   reg and ura
   reiselustig and Alpenrose
   renato and teresita
   Rhei and Lei
   Richard and Jorg
   Rick and A
   Rick and An
   Rick and Anne
   Ric and Birke
   ric and inez
   Rita and Heike
   Rita and Karola
   rita and marta
   Roermond and Coelle
   Rose and A
   rose and vondel
   Rosie and Tinto
   Ruth and Mariann
   ruth and rita
   Sabine and Karola
   Sabine and Milo
   Sack and Tasche
   Schwesterherz and Bruderherz
   Schwimmen and boetlen
   Seerose and Alpenrose
   Sette and Otto
   Silva and joel
   siola and sirod
   SkirtSteakPat and PommesMax
   sonnenscheinchen and wombi
   Sonnenscheue and Zeitungsjunge
   Sonnen and Brille
   sonne and freude
   Sonntag and Morgen
   south and north
   Stefan and Sven
   Steph and Brigitte
   Sue and Sylke
   Susanna and Cornelia
   Susanne and Kasimir
   Susan and Beth
   tempelhof and klein machnow
   thes and vera
   Thun 05 and Goldach 05
   Tine and Josef
   Tinkerbell and Giraffe
   tinto and claudi
   tinto and ingelore
   tinto and milo
   tinto and petra
   tinto and rosie
   tinto and uschi
   tugutesrein and holgutesraus
   ugu and Heimi
   Ulrike and Annette
   Ulrike and Ilse
   ulrike and ingridN
   Ulrike and Josef
   Ulrike and Moni
   ulrike and regula
   Unterraderach and Oberraderach
   Ursetta and Marietta
   Ursi and Tanja
   Ursula and Ben
   Urs and Esther
   Urs and Ursula
   Uschi and Dietlind
   Uschi and Gerlind
   Uschi and Kasimir
   Usch and Mary
   Ute and Barbara
   Ute and Inge
   Vektor and Solmu
   verlierer and gewinner
   volker and helga
   vondel and epping
   war so and schoen
   Wienka and Auggenba
   wisi and dodo
   Woglinde and Alberich
   Wolfgang and Christine
   Wolfram and Angela
   Wolfram and Karola
   Wunde and Heilen
   Yacht Club Drive and Christstrasse
   Yoga and Bluemoon
   yolene and ingrid
   Yo and Ma
   zk and eb
   Zuerisee and Vierwaldstaettersee

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