Welcome to The German 2 Player Game Room !
Players must start all new games within 4 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 10 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play , 2 to play
and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 399 games being played in this room.

   aero and Vektor
   Alannee and Bueggi
   alberich and woglinde
   Alex and Claudia
   aligra and malheur
   Ali and Bi
   Amsel and Buchfink
   Andrea and Doris
   Angela and Dorothy
   angelika and aligra
   Angelika and Christine
   Angelika and Dietlind
   Angelika and Elisabeth
   Anita and Liesl
   Annelis and Marianne
   Annette and Griselda
   Ansi and Biha
   astridd and maegif
   Astrid and Elisabeth
   astrid D and maegi F
   Auge and Apfel
   Aysel and Uschi
   baerbett and gaauch
   Bananen and Flanke
   Barbara and David
   Barbara and Elli
   barbara and Heide
   barbara and Ute
   Barbara and Ute
   barba and mola
   Basonne and Kaschnee
   Bauggen and Kawiehre
   Beate and Gerlind
   berlin and erkelenz
   Biggi and Flavia
   Birgit and Dietlind
   Birgit and Ilse
   Birke and Ric
   birke and vondel
   blankerhans and sturmfrau
   Bluebird and dorothea
   BlueKingfisher3 and FreundinMk
   Bluetenzauber and Tomatenflut
   bot and ham
   Brigitte and Steph
   brigitte and ulrike
   Britta and Christine
   Britta and Lea
   Britta and LEA
   Buerli and Schrippe
   Can and Aysel
   cary and silvy
   Christa50 and Ute50
   Christine and angelika
   Claudias and Barbaras
   Claudia and Barbara
   CLaudia and Elisabeth
   claudia and elisabeth
   Claudia and monika
   Claudia and Silke
   claudi and Inez
   Cla and ping
   col and din
   Conni and Susanna
   Cornelia and Sonja
   David and Barbara
   David and John
   dieter and annette
   Dietikon and Altstetten
   Dietlind and Barbara
   Dietlind and David
   Dietlind and Elisabeth
   Dietlind and Elli
   Dietlind and Hannes
   dietlind and heide
   Dietlind and Lizzy
   Dietlind and Tinto
   Dietmar and Aligra
   Dietmar and Dorothea
   dietmar and elke
   dietmar and gerlind
   Diet and Alt
   diet and oet
   do1 and pi1
   dodo and alal
   dog and pib
   Doris and Benni
   Doris and Heike
   Doris and Liliane
   Doris and Margrit
   Doris and Milo
   Doris and Nadja
   dorothea and dietmar
   dorothea and ingrid
   Dorothy and Angela
   doro and exe
   do and ge
   drittes and Spiel
   edelgard and karola
   edith 25 and juerg 25
   edit and liliane
   ein weiteres and Spiel
   eisig and frostig
   el2 and an2
   Ela and Lilli
   Ela and Lilly
   Elena and Sonja
   Elfe and Elbin
   elia1 and an3
   Elisabeth and Anita
   Elisabeth and Dietlind
   elisabeth and gabi
   Elisabeth and Ike
   elisabeth and ingrid
   Elke and Dietmar
   Ellen and kasimir
   Elli and Dietlind
   Elli and Elisabeth
   Elli and Francoise
   Elli and Inge
   Elli and Ingrid
   EM and HE
   Esperanza and Gwvwgrr
   esstopft and eslaeuft
   EXEIX6 and ueVIII5
   exe and hexe
   Exe and Inkognita
   exe and jutta
   exe and zen
   Feier and Abend
   Filmtage and Duchunnschau
   Filou and Colly
   fitt werden fuer and Bad Reuthe
   Flavia and Julier
   Flavia and Marga
   Fohlen and Blaue
   fred and rosie
   Fred and Rosie
   Fred and Tinto
   Gabi and Ine
   gabi and inez
   Gabi and Wolfram
   Gabs and Pets
   Gaby and Claudia
   Gaby and Dietlind
   Gerd and Patrice
   Gerlind and Astrid
   Gerlind and Dietlind
   Giraffe and Elefant
   Giraffe and Hanns
   giraffe and tinkerbell
   Giulietta and Regula
   Gretel and Haensel
   Griselda and Annette
   Haar and Buerste
   Hals and Tuch
   Hannes and Karola
   Hannes and Meggie
   Hannes and Wolfram
   han and koe
   Hausen and Hellern
   Hedie and Elisabeth
   Heide and Elisabeth
   Heide and Martine
   Heide and Milo
   heide and milo
   heike and bettina
   Heike and ingrid
   Heimi and Aysel
   Heimi and Moniqueah
   Heimi and Ugu
   Helmut and Hannes
   Helmut and Ingrid
   heyer and schmidt
   heyer and skelly
   HGW and TW
   horche and singe
   Igelchen and Vektor
   iingrid and elke
   Ike and Max Moritz
   Iltis and Marder
   inez and claudi
   Inez and Julia
   inez and ric
   Inge and Dietlind
   inge and ingrid
   Inge and Ute
   IngridN and ingrid
   ingrid and beate
   Ingrid and doris
   Ingrid and Elke
   Ingrid and Heike
   Ingrid and Karola
   Ingrid and Ulrike
   Ing and Mar
   in der and Mittagspause
   josefe and andreaf
   JosefE and IngridN
   Josef and Dorothea
   Josef and Ingo
   josef and nadja
   josef and tine
   julia and inez
   jutta and aligra
   Jutta and Doris
   jutta and malheur
   KaHi and SuSe
   karajanpat and toscaninimax
   KaRiN and SuSe
   Karola and Elisabeth
   Karola and Hannes
   Karola and Ingrid
   Karola and Nadja
   Karola and Rita
   Karola and Sabine
   Karola and Wolfram
   karola Ottilia and Hildegard Wilhelma
   karo and urseli
   kar and kat
   kasimir and ellen
   Kasimir and Tinto
   Kasimir and Uschi
   Katharina and Barbara
   ka and ca
   kiboko and palmstroem
   kik and Vektor
   Kissen and Decken
   Klaus and Claudia
   Klaus and Inez
   Koch and Wirt
   Kristall and Diamant
   Kristina and Inge
   Kundi and Gundi
   kunsttalk and swirdchaut
   landel and meiseli
   largomax and lentopat
   La and Li
   Lea and BRITTA
   Lea and Malheur
   Leichtmatrosin and Ignaz
   Lei and Rhei
   Liki and Linda
   Liliane and Pia
   lilie and edith
   lili and edith
   Lilli and Doris
   lilli and nelli
   Lilly and Pia
   Lily and Ela
   Lil and Barb
   liselotte and barbara
   Liselotte and Vreni
   liss and hanns
   Lis and Giraffe
   lizzy and elisabeth
   Lizzy and Uschi
   Lotte and Malheur
   luepfdihuepf and judihui
   luis and dodo
   luzia and rita
   Lybes and Kazis
   Lybs and Kazi
   Ly and Gabs
   Maggie and Bibi
   majA and elsbeth
   Maja and Roswitha
   Malheur and Aligra
   Malheur and jutta
   Malheur and LEA
   malunga and quitta
   mami and lotti
   mane and kama
   mane and lili
   Manu and Anika
   Marianne and Annelis
   Marianne and Griselda
   Mariann and Leo
   mariechante and sieglindelacht
   Mario and Astrid
   mark and Monika
   marl and lilly
   Marta and Denise
   marta and rita
   Martin and Pia
   Mary and Usch
   Meer and See
   Milo and Lilo
   Milo and Sabine
   Minsu and Mahesh
   moniqua and inez
   Mutter and Tochter
   nadja and karola
   nelli and lili
   nel and pi
   neues and Spiel
   Nils and Klaus
   nirak and Betti
   Nonna and Nonno
   nora and oskar
   Oiram and Oicir
   olg and ne
   Opa and Oma
   Ostschwyz and Berner Oberland
   otto and moni
   Palmstroem and Susanna
   Paolina and Luise
   patscr and frangese17
   Paul and Lilli
   pechmarie and hansimglueck
   Pflotsch and Glatteis
   phw and llw
   Pilates and Chor
   pingo and claudi
   Pi and Nel
   ptrs and mjrn
   Rega and Nodo
   regula and claudia
   regula and hans
   rhei and lei
   richard and annel
   richard and annelies
   richi and anneli
   richo and annelies
   rita and sevi
   ritchie and anne
   Rosa and Annel
   Rosa and Anneli
   Rosa and Annelie
   Rosa and Annelies
   rose and vondel
   Rosie and Fred
   Rote and fohlen
   RudisFrauchen and Sockenstrickerin
   Ruth and Lily
   Sabine and Milo
   Schmelzkaes and Rhoenperle
   Schneeflocke and Stubenhocker
   Schneefrau and Eiszapfen
   Schneestern and Polarstern
   Schnee and Sturm
   Schwerverletzter and Buchbinderin
   Seerose and Lotusblume
   Sehnen and Scheide
   Showntz and Schwantz
   Silvias and Barbaras
   Silvia and Barbara
   Simona and Griselda
   speck and bohnen
   sperling and buchfink
   Stefan and Sven
   SteinbockVictor and SteinbockHilde
   Steinbock Mann and Steinbock Frau
   Steph4 and Brigittte4
   Sue and Sylke
   Susanna and Kasimir
   Susanne and Betti
   Susanne and Mag
   Susan and Betti
   Tanja and Ursi
   Thunersee and Bodensee
   Tom and Tim
   ueli and mattu
   ueVIII5 and exeIX6
   UH and BU
   ulla and gaby
   ulrike and ingridN
   Ulrike and Josef
   Ulrike and Martin
   Ursa and Ben
   ursula and regula
   Urs and Ben
   URS and BEN
   Urs and Esther
   Urs and Ursula
   Uschi and Aysel
   uschi and dietlind
   Uschi and Gerlind
   Uschi and Kasimir
   Uschi and Lizzy
   Usch and Mary
   Ute48 and Christa48
   Verena and Barbara
   Verliererin and Wienerli
   versuch and erfolg
   Vienna and Lauferin
   Vondel and Rosen
   Willi and Addi
   wohlgemut and Freudenmaedchen
   Wolfgang and Christine
   Wolfram and Daniela
   Wolfram and Gabi
   Wolfram and Karola
   Wolle and Nadel
   wombi and sonnenscheinchen
   Yola and Angeli
   yolene and ingridh
   Zahn and Buerste

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