Welcome to The German 2 Player Game Room !
Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play , 2 to play
and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 434 games being played in this room.

   Aaleo and Mariann
   Agota and Silvia
   aligra and angelika
   aligra and dietmar
   aligra and giulietta
   aligra and hanns
   aligra and jutta
   Aligra and Malheur
   Alleingelassener and Schwabbel
   alois and sirod
   Alt and Oet
   Andrea and Doris
   Angelika and Aligra
   Angelika and Christine
   Angelika and Elisabeth
   angelika and jutta
   Anita and Elisabeth
   AnnetteG and UlrikeE
   Annette and Griselda
   annette and griselda
   anne and antje
   Anne and Antje
   Antje and Anne
   antje and norden
   Antje and Norden
   astrid and maegi
   Austin KL and Dallas NR
   Axel and Mark
   Azurro and Azurra
   B5 and M70
   Balooser and Kawinner
   BarbaraD and ClaudiaW
   barbaram and inezw
   Barbara and Andrea
   Barbara and Claudia
   Barbara and Dietlind
   Barbara and Doris
   Barbara and Elli
   Barbara and Inez
   Barbara and Monika
   barbara and ute wedel
   Barbi and Moni
   Bauggen and Garoma
   Baumumarmer and Eh so Teeriger
   Ba and Ka
   Be5 and Be2
   beate and barbara
   beate and dietlind
   Bea and Ing
   bel and bin
   Benjamin and Ursula
   BenniW1 and DorisD1
   BenniW2 and DorisD2
   BenniW and DorisD
   Benn and Leve
   Betti and Susanne
   Biber and Bloeli
   Bibi and Maggie
   bibi and Maggie
   Biene and LEA
   Biha and Ansi
   Birchr and Muesli
   Birgit and Laura
   biss and domani
   BMC and Bianchi
   Bodensee 2 and Thunersee 2
   Bodensee and Thunersee
   BonnEY and ClydeYO
   Borsalino and Panama
   bott and ham
   Bot and Ham
   Brigitte2 and Steph2
   Britta and Christine
   Britta and Lea
   Caledonia and Bingo
   Charlotte and Erin
   Chilly and Weekend
   chrigeli and hansli
   Christa and Dorothea
   Christine and Britta
   Christine and Wolfgang
   Chris and Angeli
   Chris and Angelika
   Chris and cornelia
   chris and Jutta
   chris and ruth
   Cinquo bayou hille and Charlottenburg karola
   Claudia and Alex
   Claudia and Inez
   claudia and regula
   claudi 3 and tinto
   Claudi and AlexS
   cla and husch
   cla and Ma
   cla and pet
   cla and vol
   Coe and Han
   col and din
   Condo and Sylt
   Cornelia and Renata
   Dag and Day
   David and Barbara
   David and John
   Dietlind and David
   Dietlind and Elke
   Dietlind and Elli
   Dietlind and Gerlind
   Dietlind and Inge
   Dietlind and Lizzy
   Dietlind and Patricia
   Dietlind and Susanne
   Dietlind and Tinto
   Dietlind and Uschi
   dietmar and aligra
   Dietmar and David
   Dietmar and Dorothea
   Dietmar and elke
   Dietmar and Elke
   Dobby and Malheur
   dobby and Malheur
   Dori1 and Benni
   Dori2 and Benni
   Dori3 and Benni
   Doris and Dietlind
   Doris and Eliza
   Doris and Hans
   Doris and Ingrid
   Doris and Margrit
   Doris and Nadja
   Dorothea and Bluebird
   Dorothea and Dietmar
   Dorothea and ingridhe
   Dorothea and Josef
   doro and gerd
   Easter and Bunny
   EBike and Rennvelo
   elila and annmei
   Elisabeth and Dietlind
   Elisabeth and Doris
   elisabeth and eliza
   elisabeth and gabi
   Elisabeth and Ike
   elisabeth and uschi
   Eliza and Dietlind
   eliza and elisabeth
   elke and dietlind
   elke and dietmar
   elke and Ingrid
   Ellen and Susi
   Ellie and Dietlind
   elli and anni
   Elli and Elisabeth
   Elli and Inge
   Elli and Susanne
   endless and rain
   Erika and Silvia
   Erkelenz and Berlin
   Esther and Linda
   eXe and doro
   exe and inkognita
   EYertanz and YOgazauber
   EYslauf and YOga
   Fabian and Cesar
   Fee and Hexe
   Fierz and Chriesi
   Firmen and Lauf
   flein and elke
   Flugzeug and Fahrrad
   Fohlen and rote
   Francoise f and Elli
   Franken and Ruhrgebiet
   Frau and Mann
   Gabir and Inezw
   gabrielle and claudia
   Garten and Blumen
   Geburtstag and Taufe
   gerlind and uschi
   Gezwitscher and Gestachel
   giraffe and tinkerbell
   Giulia and Julier
   Goldach 4 and Thun 4
   Grosi and Minsu
   gundi and kundi
   Gundi and Kundi
   HaBjetztUrlaub and DUnicht
   hanns and aligra
   hanns and giraffe
   hanns and jutta
   hansZ and blancA
   Hanuta and KitKat
   Heide and Dietlind
   Heide and Susanne
   heike and ingridherrm
   Heike and Rita
   Heimi and Moniquea
   Hellern and Hausen
   heute noch and frei zum Glueck
   Hexe and Exe
   HE and PV
   HH and Paris
   Hilli and Elli
   Himmel and blau
   Hinkefuss and Grosser Teich
   Hotel Engel and Sasbachwalden
   Hotel Engel in and Sasbachwalden
   Hunger and Durst
   Ike and Hilde
   Iltis and Marder
   Inessa and Stefan
   iNEZ and bARBARA
   Inez and Mark
   Inge and Ute
   Ingo and Josef
   ingridO1 and ingridC1
   Ingrid and dorothea
   Ingrid and Elisabeth
   ingrid and elke
   Ingrid and Elke
   Ingrid and Elli
   Ingrid and ingridherrm
   Ingrid and josef
   Ingrid and Karola
   Ingrid and Ulrike
   In and Ma
   Jasna and Knot
   Joerch and Mark
   Josefe and Andreaf
   Josef and Tine
   Josef and Ulrike
   Julier and Giulia
   jutta and aligra
   jutta and beate
   jutta and doris
   juttA and eXe
   jutta and hanns
   Jutta and Malheur
   jutta and mar
   Ju and Ma
   Kaffe and Kuchen
   Karin and Gabi
   Karin and Marta
   Kari and Mari
   karola and ingrid
   Karola and Nadja
   Karola and Rita
   Karola and Susi
   Kasimir and Ellen
   Kasimir and Susanna
   Kasimir and Tinto
   Katharina and BarBara
   Ka and Ma
   keineahnung and sowasaberauch
   Krav and Maga
   kundi and gundi
   Kundi and Gundi
   lael and an3
   Landfrau and Stadtfrau
   lasern and englisch
   Laura and Birgit
   Lb and Kz
   Lea and Biene
   Lea and Britta
   LEA and Malheur
   Lea and Moni
   leopard and giraffe
   Leo and Pixel
   Liki and Linda
   Lilo and Milo
   Linda and Ann
   Linda and Liki
   Linda and Michael
   lis and hanns
   Li and La
   Lotte and Malheur
   Luchs and Wolf
   lustlos and museum
   Luzia and Rita Furrer
   Lyd and Kar
   Lys and Kas
   maegif and astridd
   Mai and Juni
   Malheur and Aligra
   mandedl and gurko
   Marianne and Griselda
   maria and katharina
   Mariecanta and Sieglinderide
   marietta and Ursellina
   mari and dori
   marta and karin
   Marta and Rita
   Martina and Julia
   Mary and Annelis
   Mary and Usch
   Mary and Yole
   Mausss and Schubwahn
   Max and Ike
   Mibreit and Pia
   Michael and Anke
   Michael and Astrid
   Michael and Linda
   Michael and Regula
   Mic and Reg
   milo and doris
   milo and heide
   milo and sabine
   milo and tinto
   Mond and Sterne
   Monika and Inez
   Moni and Doris
   montag and werktag
   Nadja and Josef
   nadja and karola
   Nils and Klaus
   Nonna and Nonno
   Nord and P
   nr and wi
   offensivspieler and verteidiger
   Opa and Nonna
   Opp and Beal
   Ostwaerts and Aufwaerts
   palm and kib
   Patricia and Claudi
   Patricio and Mario
   pet and ray
   Phw and llw
   Piza and Bleibt
   Quitta and Malunga
   Q and Seltsam
   raegetroepfli and ufemchoepfli
   raege and troepfli
   RBL and FCB
   regen and montag
   regen and sonne
   Regen and Tropfen
   Regula and Claudia
   Reg and Lin
   rhein and leine
   Rick and A
   Rick and An
   Rick and Ann
   Rick and Anne
   Rita and Marta
   rita and sevi
   Rita Furrer and Ruth
   Rosenrot and Schneeweisschen
   Rosie and Susanna
   rote and fohlen
   sabine and karola
   Salz and Zucker
   samstag and sonntag
   Sascha and Josef
   schitter and mueschnidmeine
   Schlangen and Eier
   schluss and wochenende
   Schubwahn and Mausss
   Schubwahn and Susibabe
   Schwarzwald and war super
   Schwyz and StGallen
   Siebenundneunzig and Achtundneunzig
   sieben and drei
   Silvi and Fabienne
   Sonnenstrahl and Regentropf
   Sport and Sofa
   Stefan and Sven
   Steph and Brigitte
   sucree and salidou
   Sue and Sylke
   Sunday and Sonntag
   Sunshine and Moonlight
   Susanna and Cornelia
   Susanne and Barbara
   Susanne and beate
   Susanne and Elli
   Susanne and Karin
   Susanne and tinto
   Susan and Karin
   Susi and Kahi
   Susi and Karola
   Susi and Patricia
   Thun 1 and Goldach 1
   Thun 2 and Goldach 2
   Thun 3 and Goldach 3
   tinto and fred
   tinto and Uschi
   Tomaten and Spargel
   Trauma and Therapie
   TW and HGW
   ugu and Heimi
   UlPfei and Ilse
   Ulrigge and Klausi
   UlrikeMarg and SusanneJoh
   ulrike and ingridN
   Ulrike and Nikolaus
   ulrike and regula
   Ulrike and Stefan
   Ulrikke and AnnetteFi
   UMYPat and HODENSMax
   Ursa and Ben
   Ursetta and Marietta
   Ursi and Tanja
   Ursula and Ben
   Ursula and Regula
   Urs and Esther
   Uschi and Gerlind
   Uschi and Kasimir
   Uschi and Tinto
   Ute and Dietlind
   Ute and Inge
   ute and meg
   Ute and Meg
   Ute and Pat
   Vektor and aero
   Vektor and Solmu
   Vera and Luise
   volker and helga
   Wahl and Kampf
   waltraut and elisabeth
   Wespen and Nase
   Winnerin and Verlierer
   Wochen and Anfang
   woglinde and alberich
   Wolfram and Elisabeth
   wombat and sonnenscheinchen
   YOhannisbeere and EYerpunsch
   yolene and ingrid
   Yole and Elke
   Yole and Josef
   Yo and Ma
   Zug and Cham
   zweig and yoga
   Zwei and Eins

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