Welcome to The German 2 Player Game Room !
Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play , 2 to play
and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 387 games being played in this room.

   Alberich and Woglinde
   aligra and angelika
   aligra and hanns
   Aligra and Jutta
   Altstadt and Fest
   Andrea and barbara
   Andrea and Beate
   Angel and Liga
   Angi and Ag
   Annelis and Marianne
   Annette and Griselda
   Annette and Kitty
   APAT and AMAX
   Apollonia and Elisabeth
   ARI and joSIAH
   astridd and maegif
   Astrid and Elisabeth
   Aysel and Uschi
   barbarad and Claudiaw
   barbara and Andrea
   barbara and Claudiaw
   Barbara and David
   Barbara and Dietlind
   barbara and Elli
   Barbara and Elli
   barbara and inez
   barbaRa and inEz
   bArbara and iNez
   Barbi and Moni
   barrbara and Heide
   Ba and Ga
   Beate and Ingrid
   beate and jutta
   Beethovenstrasse and Melonenstrasse
   Beirut and Dormagen
   bel and ele
   Benjamin and Ursa
   Beo and Dodo
   Bergedorf and Doberan
   Bergfee and Radlerin
   Berlin and Dortmund
   Bernd and Joe
   Beutelfrosch and Dompfaff
   Biber and Bloeli
   Bibi and Maggie
   Biene and Lea
   Biha and Ansi
   Birgit and Flavia
   Blau and Rot
   BlueBird3 and FreundinM
   Blumen and Erde
   Bluse and Hose
   bodesee and katzesee
   Boltenhagen and Hellern
   Boot and Schiff
   botti and hamme
   BPAT and BMAX
   Bv and Fc
   Cappuccino and Espressodoppio
   Cary and Silvy
   Cesar and Kleopatra
   Championsleague and Unterhaus
   Christine and Britta
   Christine and Wolfgang
   Chris and Angeli
   chris and cornelia
   Chris and Jutta
   chriwe and thezer
   Chur and Luterbachweg
   Claudia and AlexS
   Claudia and Inez
   ClaudiB and Alex
   Claudi and MonikaM
   cla and pet
   coni and elena
   Costa vicentina and Schlosspark
   CPAT and CMAX
   DavidR and Dietlind
   Dede and Oma
   Delphi and Gross Derschau
   Deutschland and Spanien
   Dietlind and Barbara
   Dietlind and Birgit
   Dietlind and Elisabeth
   dietlind and elisabeth
   Dietlind and Elli
   Dietlind and Heide
   Dietlind and Patricia
   dietlind and uschi
   Dietmar and Aligra
   Dietmar and David
   Dietmar and Dorothea
   Dietmar and Elke
   Dobermann and Beagle
   dolli and weissi
   Donut and Bennuss
   Dorade and Beluga
   Doris 2 and Heike 2
   Doris and Hans
   Doris and Ingrid
   Doris and Jutta
   Doris and Margrit
   Doris and Milo
   Dorothea and Bluebird
   Dorothea and Dietmar
   doro and gerd
   doro and Ingrid
   doro and ingrid
   Dreiundachtzig and Fastsechsundfuenfzig
   el1 and an3
   Elisabeth and Angelika
   Elisabeth and Anita
   elisabeth and astrid
   elisabeth and birgit
   Elisabeth and Dietlind
   elisabeth and eliza
   Elisabeth and Elli
   elisabeth and gabi
   elisabeth and heide
   Elisabeth and Ike
   elisabeth and ulrike
   elisabeth and uschi
   elisabeth and waltraut
   Eliza and Dietlind
   eliza and elisabeth
   ella and an3
   Ellen and Susanne
   Elli and Barbara
   Elli and Dietlind
   Elli and Francoise
   Elli and Inge
   endlichwiederspielen and Susan
   epping and vondel
   Erft and Rhein
   Erkelenz and Berlin
   Esther and Urs
   FEE and ELCH
   fertig and heute
   Florida and Deutschland
   Fohlen and Rote
   foxi and fix
   Francoise and Lea
   Francoise f and Elli
   Franken and Niederrhein
   fred and tinto
   Furttal and Limmattal
   gabi and elisabeth
   gabi and karin
   gab and inez
   gerlind and uschi
   Giraffe and Hanns
   Giraffe and Leopard
   Giraphe and Leopardin
   Giulia and Julier
   Goldach 3 and Thun 3
   Goldach 4 and Thun 4
   Goldach and Thun
   guebsensee and uze
   Gundi and Kundi
   hanno and koelle
   Heide and Barbara
   Heide and barbara
   heide and dietlind
   Heide and Elisabeth
   Heide and Milo
   Heike11 and Doris11
   Heike8 and Doris8
   heike and Ingrid
   Helga and Volker
   Hellern and Hausen
   Herbst and Aster
   herbst and fest
   Herbst and Laub
   Herr M and Moni
   HeXe and eXe
   HE and EK
   He Du and Wer ich
   HGW and TW
   Hilde and Ike
   Hin and Her
   husch and cla
   ilsebill and Ulrike
   Ilse and Ulrike
   Inessa and Patricia
   Inessa and Stefan
   Inez and Monika
   Inez and Ric
   Inge and Dietlind
   inge and Ingrid
   ingridh and ingridn
   IngridN and JosefE
   IngridN and Ulrike
   ingrid and elisabeth
   Ingrid and Elke
   iNgrid and uLrike
   Ingried and Elli
   Ing and Mar
   inkognita and exe
   itzhetsgchehrt and derwinnerbischdu
   Jass and Bass
   Jetzt werden die and Karten neu gemischt
   Joe and Inez
   John and David
   JosefE and AndreaF
   Josef and Dorothea
   Josef and Ingo
   Josef and Nadja
   Josef and Tine
   Josef and Ulrike
   Josef and Yola
   Josiah and Madi
   Judihui and Lallala
   Jutta and Angelika
   Jutta and Beate
   jutta and exe
   juttA and exe
   jutta and malheur
   Kaelte and Hitze
   Karin and Franziska
   Karola and Nadja
   Kasimir and Ellen
   Kasimir and Nikolaus
   Kasimir and Tinto
   Kasimnir and Jojo
   Kasi and Claudi
   kasueden and ganorden
   Katzensee and Bichelsee
   Katzen and Toerli
   kazi and gastei
   Ka and Re
   keinGeburtstag and Geburtstag
   Keyboard and Geige
   Klaus and Nils
   Klau and Kind
   Knappe and Fohlen
   Knappe and Geissbock
   Kofi and Mixy
   konrad and karl
   Krav and Maga
   Kroatien and tschau
   Kueche and Buero
   Kundi and Gundi
   Lallala and Huiuiui
   Lea and Biene
   Lea and Britta
   lea and Malheur
   Linda and Annelis
   llw and phw
   Lowlands and Highlands
   luzia and Rita
   Lys and Kas
   ly and ga
   malunga and quitta
   Manni and Susi
   Marder and Iltis
   Marianna and Leo
   Marianne and Annelis
   marianne and griselda
   Marianne and Griselda
   mariechante and sieglindelacht
   Mariechante and Sieglindelacht
   Marta1 and Denise1
   Marta and Nadia
   Marta and Rita
   Mary and Usch
   Mausss and Schubwahn
   Max and Ike
   milo and doris
   milo and tinto
   mitte and sued
   Mixy and Wolfram
   Monika and Doris
   moniqueah and heimi
   Moni and BarbaraM
   Moni and Lea
   nadja and doris
   nikomir and kasilaus
   Nik and Kasi
   Nils and Klaus
   ollid and iolla
   palm and kib
   patricia and ute
   Patricio and Mario
   perdedora and ganadora
   Pferde and Kutsche
   Phw and llw
   Portugal and Bretagne
   Portwein and Retsina
   puenktli and tuepfli
   Quadrate and kreise
   regenfassung and pilzsuche
   regula and claudia
   Regula and Ursula
   reg and jean
   relax and chill
   Rennvelo and Ebike
   Rennvelo and Laufen
   rich and ann
   Rick and A
   Rick and An
   Rick and Ann
   Rick and Anne
   ric and jor
   Rita Furrer and Marta
   Rosie and Susanna
   Rosie and Tinto
   Rosi and Sabse
   rote and fohlen
   Rotter and Damm
   saaleunstrut and gruenerveltliner
   Sabine and Karola
   Sabine and Milo
   Saentis and Toeff
   Schaffe and Ferie fertig
   schoen gsi and in Kroatien
   Schwester and Herz
   Sevi and Rita
   silvia and Joe
   Skunk and Opossum
   sochamescho and plaggeister
   Sonnen and Brille
   Stefan and Inessa
   Steinmarder and Graureiher
   Steph08 and Brigitte08
   Sue and Nik
   Susanna and Cornelia
   Susanna and Kasimir
   susanne and ellen
   Susi and Kahi
   Sven and Stefan
   Sylke and Sue
   Tagblatt and Zeitung
   Tanja and Ursi
   Tatort and Polizeiruf
   Tempo and taschentuch
   theres and verena
   Thuner and daheim
   Thun 1 and Goldach 1
   Thun 2 and Goldach 2
   Tinkerbell and Giraffe
   tinto and fred
   tinto and rosie
   TW and HGW
   UliP and AnnetteF
   UlrikePfb and Ilse
   UlrikeP and Klausi
   ulrike and dorothea
   Ulrike and ingridhe
   Unvergesslicher and Sommer
   Ursa and Ben
   Ursel and Jutta
   Ursi and Anni
   Ursi and Birgit
   Ursula and Ben
   Urs and Esther
   Urs and Ursula
   uschi2 and elisabeth2
   Uschi and Dietlind
   uschi and elisabeth
   Uschi and Kasimir
   Ute and Inge
   ute wedel and dietlind
   Vektor and aero
   vektor and Solmu
   velo and pneu
   Verena and Graziella
   victim and killer
   Vollmond and Neumond
   vol and cla
   vondel and Rose
   Vreneli and Chrigeli
   Warm and Kalt
   weinberg and wald
   Weiss and Gelb
   wolfram and elisabeth
   wolfram and Karola
   wombat and sonnenscheinchen
   zink and Kalzium
   Zucker and Salz
   Zu Fuss and Mit Velo
   Zweifuer and immereins

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