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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play , 2 to play
and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 445 games being played in this room.

   Abend and Stern
   AbJetzGewinnIchAlles and TustDuNicht
   Advents and Kalender
   Advent and Kerzli
   Ak1 and Mw1
   aligra and angelika
   aligra and dietmar
   Aligra and Hanns
   Aligra and Jutta
   Aligra and Malheur
   almut and jutta
   Andrea and Barbara
   Andrea and Beate
   andrek and josefe
   Angela and Martin
   angelika and aligra
   Angelika and Aligra
   Angelika and Christine
   Angelika and Dietlind
   angelika and jutta
   Ange and Karin
   Anita and Elisabeth
   Anna and Minsu
   Annelis and Mary
   annette and griselda
   Ann and Beata
   Ann and Francina
   Ansi and Biha
   ansi and biha
   Apfel and Kuchen
   Apollonia and Elisabeth
   Armin and Ruth
   arzt and patient
   Aysel and Heimi
   B2 and B5
   bald and Advent
   Bamama and Gaoma
   Banane and Apfel
   Banebel and Kasonne
   Barbara and David
   barbara and doris
   Barbara and Doris
   barbara and elisabeth
   barbara and inez
   BArbara and INez
   barbarA and ineZ
   Barbara and Ingeborg
   Barbara and Susanne
   Bauggen and Kameriika
   beate and andrea
   beate and barbara
   beate and dietlind
   beate and gerlind
   Beate and Kasimir
   beate and lizzy
   Beate and Sissi
   beate and susanne
   Beatina and Annina
   Bea and Ann
   Bee5 and Mel70
   Beierlorzer and Gisdol
   Benjamin and Ursa
   Berlin and Paris
   Bernd and Sissi
   Bern and Luzern
   Beth and Susan
   bettina and lieselotte
   bettina and lilo
   Betti and Susanne
   Biber and Bloeli
   Bibi and Maggie
   Birne and Traube
   Blaue and Fohlen
   Blaumeise and Specht
   BlueBird3 and Dorothea
   BlueBird and Freundin
   Brigitte and Steph4
   Britta and Lea
   butter and mehl
   B and DIN
   cary and silvy
   Chraebeli and Spitzbueb
   Christine and Britta
   Chris and Angelika
   Chris and cornelia
   chris and cornelia
   Chris and Garzo
   chris and Julia
   Chris and Jutta
   Claudi2 and Griselda2
   Claudia and Barbara
   Claudia and Barbara D
   Claudia and Inez
   claudia and regula
   Claudi and AlexS
   Claudi and Barbara
   Claudi and Griselda
   cla and husch
   Cla and Ma
   cla and pet
   cla and vol
   Cornelia and rena
   Dag and Day
   DasBessereIst and DerFeindDesGuten
   David and Dietlind
   David and Dietmar
   Dazugelernt and Vielvergessen
   denn and halt
   Dezember and Januar
   dieter and elke
   Dietlind and Barbara
   Dietlind and Doris
   Dietlind and Elisabeth
   Dietlind and Eliza
   Dietlind and Elke
   Dietlind and Elli
   dietlind and heide
   Dietlind and Juergen
   Dietlind and Uschi
   Dietmar and Aligra
   Dietmar and David
   Dietmar and Elke
   dietmar and gerlind
   Diietlind and Gerlind
   din and col
   dodo and alal
   Doris 1 and Heike 1
   Doris and Andrea
   doris and dietlind
   Doris and Hans
   Doris and Heike
   Doris and Ingrid
   Doris and Jutta
   Doris and Milo
   Doris and Nadja
   Dori and Nadja
   Dorothea and Dietmar
   Dorothea and Ingrid
   Dorothea Delpino and Josef
   doro and gerd
   DuHastKeineChance and HabIchWohl
   el1 and an1
   Electro and Hybro
   elhi and meian
   elisabeth and eliza
   Elisabeth and Elli
   elisabeth and heide
   Elisabeth and Ike
   elisabeth and uschi
   elisabeth and waltraut
   Eliza and Doris
   ElkeC and Ingrid
   Elke and Dietmar
   Elke and Yol
   Ellen and Kasimir
   Ellen and Susi
   Elli and Barbara
   Elli and Francoise
   Elli and Inge
   Erich and Margot
   Erster and Advent
   Essen and SPA
   Esther and Urs
   estrella and kat
   eXe and heXe
   eXe and Jutta
   filou and vogel
   flein and elke
   fohleN and rote
   franken and niederrhein
   fressifrassi and reinhaui
   Frost and Eiskalt
   gabiklein and elisabeth
   GAbi and Inez
   Geht gar nicht and Ja genau
   Gerlind and Beate
   Gerlind and Dietlind
   gerlind and dietlind
   Gerlind and Dorothea
   gerlind and uschi
   Giraphe and Hanns
   Gisela1 and Jutta
   Gisela and Jutta
   Goldach 2 and Thun 2
   Goldach 3 and Thun 3
   Goldach 4 and Thun 4
   gotthold and joost
   Gretel and Haensel
   gundi and kundi
   Gundi and Kundi
   hanns and aligra
   Hanns and Giraphe
   hanns and jutta
   Hans and Gretel
   Han and Koe
   hart and weich
   Hausen and Hellern
   Heide and Milo
   Heide and Susanne
   Heike5 and Doris5
   Heimi and Ugu
   herbst and winter
   Herr R and Herr S
   Heute dein Tag and HochdieHaendeWochenende
   Highheels and Winterbotten
   Hilde and Ike
   hinel and meime
   HopHouse and Guiness
   Huawei and Apple
   Hundenase and Mausohr
   ibiza and zackzack
   ignaz and leichtmatrosin
   Ike and Elisabeth
   Ike and Max
   Ilse and Ulrike
   Iltis and Marder
   Inessa and Stefan
   InezW and MoniM
   inez and monika
   Ingeborg and Barbara
   Inge and Dietlind
   Inge and Ute
   IngridH and ingridN
   IngridN and beate
   IngridN and IngeZ
   Ingridn and josef
   ingridO1 and ingridC1
   ingrid and doro
   Ingrid and Dorothea
   Ingrid and Elisabeth
   Ingrid and Elke
   Ingrid and Elli
   Ingrid and Heike
   Ingrid and Karola
   ingRid and ulRike
   ing and mar
   Inkognita and Exe
   Jamin and Sula
   janka and feuz
   Joelle and Mama Ruth
   John and David
   josefe and andreaf
   Josefe and AndreK
   josefe and Ulrike
   Josef and Ingo
   Josef and Sascha
   Josef and Tine
   Josef and Ulrike
   Josef and Yolene
   Julier and Linda
   jutta1 and gisela
   jutta1 and gisela1
   jutta and aligra
   Jutta and Angelika
   jutta and beate
   jutta and malheur
   Jutta and Sissi
   Kaesestange and Chuemmibrot
   Kaffee and Rahm
   Karibik and Rheinland
   Karin and Gabi
   Karola and Beate
   Karola and Ingrid
   Karola and Sabine
   Karola and Wolfram
   Kasimir and Ellen
   Kasimir and Susanna
   Kasimir and Uschi
   Katharina and Barbara
   KatjaF and KatjaB
   Kaxiko and Lyburg
   KeinerIstSoGut and DochIch
   Kerzen and Licht
   Kerzen and Schein
   Kiboko and Palmstroem
   Kind and Papa
   Klaus and Nils
   Knot and Jasna
   Koe and han
   kundi and gundi
   Kundi and Gundi
   Lara and Minsu
   Laurin and Minsu
   Lbs and Kas
   Lea and Biene
   Lea and Britta
   Lea and Francoise
   lea and Malheur
   lehrling and meisterfrau
   Leine and Rhein
   leon and linus
   leopard and girafe
   leo and mariann
   Lessing and Vondel
   Leve and Benn
   Liki and Linda
   lilo and milo
   linda and aligra
   Linda and Julier
   Linda and Michael
   Linda and Regula
   linda and Ursa
   Lizzy and Beate
   Lizzy and Uschi
   Lys and Kas
   maegif and astridd
   maga and krav
   malheur and lotte
   Mandarine and Orange
   mandedl and gurko
   Mariann and Ruth
   Mariechante and Sieglindelacht
   Mario and Patricio
   Mari and Dori
   Marta and Rita Furrer
   MartinK and Angela
   martin and elisabeth
   Mary1 and Usch
   Mary and Grisi
   Maus and Igel
   Max1705 and Pat1332
   milo and lilo
   milo and sabine
   milo and tinto
   Moewe and Ibis
   monikaM and barbaraM
   monika and barbara
   Monika and Doris
   moniqueah and heimi
   Moonika and Baarbara
   morgen and frei
   Morning and Nachmittag
   Musica and Editor
   nana and nunu
   Neuro and Logie
   Ni and Ma
   Nodo and Supel
   Oma and Enkel
   Opa and Oma
   Palme and Stall
   Patricia and Dietlind
   pet and kat
   phw and llw
   Platinverehrer and Entwarzte
   Poulet and Schrnkel
   Punkt and Strich
   QiGong and Mannefitness
   Quitta and Marietta Dedual
   r22 and c14
   Regula and Claudia
   regula and Ulrike
   Rein and Susa
   Rick and A
   Rick and An
   Rick and Ann
   Rick and Anne
   Risotto and Spaghetti
   rita and eileen
   Rita and Marta
   Rita Furrer and Luzia
   Rita Furrer and Ruth
   Ronja and Keeko
   Rose and A
   Rose and An
   Rose and Ann
   Rose and Anne
   rosie and Susanna
   Rosine and Traube
   Rote and fohlen
   Rot and Schwarz
   Sabine and Karola
   sabine and karola
   Sabine and Milo
   Samichlaus and Eseli
   sascha and susanne
   Sauerland and Ontario
   Schwarz and Blond
   sevi and rita
   Silber and Gold
   Stechpalme and Mistel
   Stefan and Sven
   Stek and AnnA
   Steph and Brigitte
   steph and ulRike
   Sternen and Glanz
   Sternen and Mond
   Sterne and Licht
   Sue and Sylke
   Susanna and Cornelia
   Susanne and Betti
   susanne and dietlind
   susanne and elli
   Susanne and Karin
   susanne and sascha
   Susi and Ellen
   Susi and Karola
   Susi and Patricia
   Susy and Ann
   Susy and AnnA
   Tag and Nacht
   Tanja and Ursi
   Tanz and Bein
   Thun1 and Goldach1
   Tibeter and Ofenkauf
   Tine and Josef
   tinto1 and rosie1
   tinto and claudi
   Tinto and Kasimir
   tinto and milo
   Tuesday and Dienstag
   Turniererprobt and Ausgestiegen
   TW and HGW
   UB and ES
   Uepa and Elias
   Ug and Bh
   Ulrikeb and Josefe
   UlrikeP and AnnetteF
   ulrike and ingridn
   Ulrike and Klausi
   Ulrike and Regula
   Ursula and Ben
   Urs and Ben
   Ur and Re
   Uschi and Kasimir
   Uschi and Lizzy
   Usch and Mary1
   Usedom and Norderney
   Vektor and aero
   Vektor and Solmu
   Velo and bicycle
   Vera and Brigeli
   verenaS and barbara
   Vielgespielt and KeineZeit
   Wasser and Dampf
   Weg and Kreuz
   Weich and Hart
   Weihnachts and Markt
   woglinde and alberich
   wolpisonicht and wirdschnellbesser
   wombat and sonnenscheinchen
   yolene and Ingrid
   Yol and Mar
   zollikerberg and prosenectute
   Zucker and Suess

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