Welcome to The German 2 Player Game Room !
Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play ń, 2 to play
÷ and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 428 games being played in this room.

   aero and Vektor
   Alberich and Woglinde
   Alexa and Claudi
   alexS and claudiB
   ale and reg
   Alice and Roesi
   Aligra and Dietmar
   aligra and hanns
   Aligra and Jutta
   Aligra and Linda
   aligra and linda
   aligra and malheur
   Alpenrose and Oleander
   Alpnach and Dersbach
   Andi and Tanja
   Andrea and Josef
   Angelika and Aligra
   Angelika and Chris
   Angelika and Christine
   Angelika and Elisabeth
   Angelika and Jutta
   Angelika and Milo
   Angeliki and Christine
   Annelis and Linda
   Annette and Griselda
   Annette and Susanne
   Anne and Antje
   anne and gabi
   Arbeitsalltag and Feiertagsgenuss
   Argus and Portus
   Armin and Angelika
   arrow92455 and annamxr
   arrow9245 and annamxr
   Auge and Apfel
   au and ja
   AxtreibeForPresident and SirTodesdelle
   Aysel and Heimi
   Baernd and Murmel
   Bagarten and Kameer
   baggerloch and bodensee
   Baguette and Croissant
   Bahn and Schranke
   Balkonia and Camping
   Baplanerin and Gamacherin
   BarbaraD and ClaudiaW
   Barbara and annesus
   Barbara and ClaudiaW
   barbara and ClaudiaW
   barbara and claudiaW
   Barbara and Elli
   barbara and monika
   Barbar and Ingeborg
   BarbiM and MoniM
   Barbi and Moni
   Beate1 and Julia1
   Beate23 and Karen23
   Beate25 and Kerstin 25
   beate and bernd
   beate and cornelia
   beate and ingrid
   Bea and Jut
   Bea and Scara
   BeBeBenni3 and DoDoDoris3
   Benjamin1 and Doris1
   Benjamin2 and Doris2
   Benjamin3 and Doris3
   Bennbimbap and Hannfrind
   BEN and URS
   BerndV and Christine
   BerndV and Cornelia
   BerndV and Jutta
   Bernd and Gabriele
   Bernd and Kevin
   Bernd and Renate
   Bernd and Sissi
   bert and fritz
   Blaumeise and Rotkehlchen
   Bluebird and FreundinM
   Bodensee and Thunersee
   Britt and Susanne
   c18 and r23
   Carla and Till
   Carla and Tillmann
   Christine and annesus
   Christine and Wolfgang
   Chris and Angelika
   Chris and Julia
   chris and Jutta
   Chris and Jutta
   Chris and Miri
   Chris and Renate
   claudia and gaby
   Claudia and Luisa
   ClaudiK and HeikeB
   claudi and barb
   claudi and inez
   cla and vol
   Conny and Felicitas
   CoRnElia and BeAtE
   cornelia and chris
   cornelia and Felicitas
   CORNElia and PaulaPRINz
   CORNElia and TINTo
   DarthBlons and TheCrawler
   David and Barbara
   Diddi and Daddy
   dieter and elke
   Dietlind and Barbara
   Dietlind and Gertraud
   Dietlind and Inge
   Dietmar and Aligra
   Dietmar and David
   Dietmar and Dorothea
   Dietmar and Elke
   Dodo2 and Benni
   Dodo3 and Benni
   Domi and Lea
   Doris 111 and Heike 111
   Doris and Andrea
   Doris and Barbara
   Doris and Heike
   doris and ingrid
   doris and milo
   Dorothea and Dietmar
   Dorothea and Ingrid
   Dorothea and Josef
   Dorothe and Ingrid
   duisburg and lessing
   du and ich
   edlod and epsir
   edsid and hiweg
   Ed and Regina
   eileen and rita
   Ekaterina and Clemens
   Elenchen and Pimo
   Elisabeth and Anita
   elisabeth and eliza
   Elisabeth and Elli
   elisabeth and gabi
   elisabeth and waltraut
   eli and annm
   elke and ingrid
   Ellen and Susi
   Ellie and Francoise
   Elli and Barbara
   Elli and Dietlind
   Elli and Inge
   el and ann
   Enci Czentnar and Csipi
   English and Swiss
   epsir and edlod
   ES and UG
   Felix and Sylvia
   Flausine and Flausin
   Fohlen and Knappen
   Fohlen and rote
   Fommi and Kara1
   FrauIngridH and ingridN
   fred and tinto
   FriedShrimp and PoBoy
   frongraischfrongraisch and zugaseezugasee
   Fussball and Tennis
   gabi and inez
   Garten and See
   Gesund and Werden
   Glueck and Sommer
   Goldach 2 and Thun 2
   Goldach 3 and Thun 3
   Goldach 4 and Thun 4
   GrauTag and Waeschetag
   Gretel and Haensel
   Griselda K and Annette H
   Gudrun and Annette
   gundi and kundi
   Gundi and Kundi
   haensel and gretel
   Hannes and Lola
   hanne and michi
   Hanns and Giraphe
   hans and reg
   Harryjun and Harrysen
   Hase and Mocki
   Heike198 and D198
   Heike222 and Doris222
   Heike87 and Doris87
   Heike and Doris
   Heiterundwarm and Summerspecial
   Helga and Dorli
   Helga and Wal
   Hexe and Exe
   Hilde and Igel
   Hund and Vogel
   ICH and DU
   Ike and Hilde
   Iltis and Marder
   immer wieder and Sonntag
   Inchen and Tinchen
   Ingo and Josef
   ingrido20 and ingridc22
   ingrido and ingridc
   Ingrid and Dorothea
   ingrid and elisabeth
   ingrid and elke
   Ingrid and Heike
   ingrid and marieluce
   ingrid and nadja
   IngriD and UlrikE
   ingried and elli
   Ing and Mar
   Inki and Claudia
   inkognita and exe
   is Wallis oder and Berner Oberland
   Iwo and Momi
   Jens and Anja
   John and David
   Jorge and Pasqueen
   josef and dlbet
   Josef and Dorothea
   Josef and ingrid
   Julia2 and Beate2
   Julia and Traudel
   jutta and angelika
   jutta and beate
   jutta and doris
   Jutta and ingrid
   Kaffee and Satz
   Kaffee and Tee
   kalli and gulla
   Karola and Beate
   Karola and Ingrid
   Karola and Rita
   Karola and Sabine
   Karola and Susi
   Karola and Sybille
   Kasimir and Ellen
   KassandraLove2001 and PeterLoser2000
   Katharina and Barbara
   Katha and Jelena
   Kathi1 and Mary
   Kathi and Mary
   Kathi and Ursi
   Katschy and Aschni
   knappen and fohlen
   Kraftwade and Blumenhelfer
   Kraft and Kammer
   kundi and gundi
   Kundi and Gundi
   Lachen und and Weinen
   Lampenmann and Wanderfrau
   lanker and pott
   lan and meis
   Laura and Maci
   Lea and Biene
   LEA and Biene
   lea and malheur
   Lei and rhei
   Lena and Stefan
   LeTour and DeFrance
   Liebes F and Verliebte G
   Lilo and Milo
   Linda and Kathi
   Linda and Liki
   linda and ursa
   Lin and Reg
   lisou and Silvia
   lizzy and walter
   Lluisa and Olga
   LLW and PHW
   lotte and Malheur
   Lotte and Malheur
   Luki and LaLa
   Luzia and Marta
   luzia and rita
   Lybe and Kar
   Lyb and Kar
   Lyb and Kaz
   ma6 and re9
   maga and krav
   Mail and Johanna
   Malheur and aligra
   Marenfruehermalgewonnen and Michaelwieinaltenzeiten
   Maren and Michael
   Mare and Flum
   Marieluce and Nadja
   mari and eli
   Marta and Denise
   Marta and Nadia
   marta and rita
   martina and elisabeth
   Martin and Elisabeth
   Martin and Madu
   Mary and Annelis
   Mary and Kathi
   Mary and Usch
   maus and hase
   Max and Rike
   Meggie and Ulrike
   Michaelmuehtsichredlich and Marenistsouveraen
   milo and angelika
   milo and doris
   Miss and You
   Moeckli and Broeckli
   Momi and Iwo
   Monika and Doris
   monique and inezz
   Moni and Doris
   Morgen and Kopenhagen
   nadja and doris
   Nadja and Josef
   nadja and karola
   nado and clau
   Nektarine and Aprikose
   Newhope and Oldwinner
   Nicole Leja and David Fresen
   Niesen and Saentis
   Nils and Klaus
   nnnnn and ccccc
   Noerdlich and Suedlich
   Oicir and Oiram
   Opa and Famor
   PaC1 and PapA
   Pam and Ruth
   Patrizia and Alan
   Peace and on earth
   pet and cla
   pet and kat
   pet and ray
   pizza and paella
   popo and mamusia
   Pudel and Spitz
   re8 and ma6
   Rebecca and Stefan
   Regenbogen and Polarlicht
   regula and claudia
   regula and ulrike
   Reg and Lin
   Renate and Claudia
   Renn and Maus
   Rentnerin1 and Rentnerin2
   Reza Pahlevi and Budi Annisa Sidi
   Rhabarber and Kuchen
   rhein and leine
   Rhein and Regnitz
   Rhein and See
   rita and mariann
   Robert and Horst
   Rosalinda and Pasqueen
   Rose and Anne
   rote and fohlen
   ruhr and lank
   Rumpel and Pumpel
   ruth and rita
   Sabine and Milo
   Salat and Suppe
   Sandy Nathan and Denny
   Sa and Jo
   Scara and Bea
   Schnaps and Idee
   Schnu and Banana
   see and rhein
   Sevilay and Viktoria
   Sieglindelachtt and Mariechante
   Sister J and Sister K
   Solmu and Vektor
   Sommer and machtPause
   Sommer and Morgen
   sonnenscheinchen and wombat
   Sonnen and Store
   sonne and blume
   Sonne and Regen
   soso and nonono
   SquawBay and GeorgianBay
   Stefan and Inessa
   Stefan and Lena
   Stefan and Ulrike
   Steph23 and Brigitte23
   Strom and Gas
   Stuttgart and Benningen
   Susanne and Betti
   Susanne and Karin
   Susi and Ellen
   Susi and Vinz
   Su and Ann
   Sven and Stefan
   Sybille and ingrid
   Tarhonya and Myanmare
   Theresa Popp and Felix
   Thun1 and Goldach1
   Tine and Josef
   Tinkerbell and Giraffe
   Tinkerbell and Giraphhe
   tinto and cornelia
   tinto and rosie
   Tomaten and Salat
   TW and HGW
   Tyler and Maris
   UB and ES
   UB and RS
   udo and elisabeth
   UlrikeA and MeggieB
   Ulrike and Annette
   ulrike and ingrid
   Ulrike and Josef
   Ulrike and Regula
   umduestern and rueckzonen
   Underland and Oberland
   UrH and UrB
   Ursa and Linda
   Ursi and Tanja
   Ursula and Ben
   Urs and Esther
   Urs and Ursula
   Ur and Es
   Uze and Flawil
   Volley and Ball
   Vondel and Lessing
   Wasser and Regen
   Weiss and Schwarz
   wemu and mhmhmh
   Wespe and Zecke
   Wind and Fahne
   wisi and doris
   Wolfgang and Christine
   Zanella and Isolinie
   zuhause and unterwegs

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