Welcome to The German 2 Player Game Room !
Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play ń, 2 to play
÷ and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 460 games being played in this room.

   aero and Vektor
   agne and las
   Alannee and Liz
   Alberich and Woglinde
   aligra and angelika
   Aligra and Dietmar
   aligra and giulietta
   aligra and hanns
   aligra and malheur
   alt and jung
   Am36 and Michi36
   Amor and Psyche
   Amsel and Spatz
   Angelika and Dietlind
   Ange and Kai
   Anita and Elisabeth
   Anke21 and Gabi21
   Annelis and Linda
   Annelis and Mary
   Annette and Gudrun
   Anne and Antje
   Arbeitermatzi and Prokrastijennie
   Ariess and Tauruss
   Ausgeh and Schuhe
   Aussen and Rhoenperle
   Au and Lb
   avo and cado
   Aysel and Heimi
   B5 and B2
   Baernd and Murmel
   Bagarten and Gastadt
   Bapraxis and Gabuero
   barbara and annesus
   barbara and Claudiaw
   Barbara and claudiaW
   Barbara and Doris
   barbara and hannelore
   barbara and inez
   barbarA and ineZ
   BARbara and inEZ
   Barbara and Ingeborg
   BarBara and Verena
   Baschnee and Kaeis
   beate and annesus
   Beate and Barbara
   beate and barbara
   beate and gerlind
   beate and ingrid
   Beate and Jutta
   Beate G and Claudia W
   Bea and scara
   bedrueckt and erholt
   Bee5 and Tei6
   BenniBunny1 and DorisDingo1
   Bernd and Beate
   Bernd and Chris
   Bernd and Cornelia
   Bernd and Renate
   bern and rom
   Biber and Bloeli
   Bienen and summen
   Birgit and Manfred
   Bise and Foehn
   Blackrose and DarkMonk
   Bluebird and Freundin
   blumen and strauss
   bobbel and moppel
   Bodensee and Thunersee
   Brigitte and Steph
   BritishColumbia and RheinlandPfalz
   Brobin and Ranzi
   Carla and Tillmann
   Carmen and Silvia
   Cary and Silvy
   Christa and Gudrun
   Christine and Ina
   Christin and Hennry
   christin and papa
   ChristophHL and GiselaB
   ChristophHL and Griselda
   ChristophHL and RenateSt
   Christoph and Manuel
   Christ and Angelika
   chris and cornelia
   Chris and Ernst
   Chris and Julia
   Chris and Jutta
   Chris Wolf and Suse
   Claudia and BarBarA
   Claudia and Monika
   Claudia and Regula
   ClaudiB and Alex
   Claudi and Inez
   claudi and Khan
   Claw and redLex
   cla and husch
   cla and pet
   Cla and vol
   Clemens and Dimana
   Confi and Gelee
   Corinna and Robert
   cornelia and chris
   David and Barbara
   David and Dietlind
   David and Dietmar
   DerGott and DerNoob
   dieter and elke
   Dietlind and annesus
   Dietlind and Barbara
   Dietlind and Beate
   Dietlind and Doris
   Dietlind and Elisabeth
   Dietlind and Eliza
   Dietlind and Gertraud
   Dietlind and Inge
   Dietlind and Uschi
   dietmars and gerlinds
   Dietmar and Claudi
   dietmar and gerlind
   Donnerstag and Freitag
   Dorisneu1 and Benni
   Dorisneu2 and Benni
   Dorisneu3 and Benni
   Doris 40 and Heike 40
   Doris and Heike
   Doris and Jutta
   Dorothea and Dietmar
   dorothea and Ingrid
   Dorothea and Josef
   dorothe and ingrid
   Dreiweiern and Bettenauerweier
   Dreiweiern and Macal
   eileen and rita
   eintracht and werder
   Eisfee and Regenjeck
   ele and dia
   Elisabeth and Angelika
   Elisabeth and Elli
   elisabeth and ingrid
   elisabeth and uschi
   elisabeth and waltraut
   eliza and elisabeth
   Elke and Dietmar
   Elke and Ferdl
   ella and anme
   Ellen and kasimir
   Ellen and Susi
   Elli and Barbara
   Elli and Dietlind
   Elli and Elisabeth
   Elli and Susanne
   Erika and Silvia
   Erika and Sophia
   eswird and einmaedchen
   ettigirb and aerdna
   eva1 and adam1
   Exe and Hexe
   Exe and Jutta
   exe and Jutta
   f10na and FranzJoseph
   Fabi and Lina
   Felix and Lisa
   Flims and Jona
   Flo and Pippa
   Franz and Clara
   fred and tinto
   Friday and Forfuture
   Friederike and Ilse
   FruehlingKommt and WinterAde
   Fruehlingserwachen and Winterschlaf
   Gaby and Ludwig
   ga and ly
   Gerlinds and Dietmar
   Gerlind and Beate
   Gerlind and Dietlind
   Gertraud and Dietlind
   Giraphe and Tinkerbell
   Gitarre and Klavier
   giulietta and aligra
   gma12345 and nma12345
   Goldach 2 and Thun 2
   Goldach 4 and Thun 4
   Gosia and Roman
   Griselda and Jutta
   Griselda and Marianne
   Grisi and Ah
   Gsunge and Gsetzt
   gundis and kundi
   gundis and kundis
   gundi and kundi
   Gundi and Kundi
   gurko and mandedl
   Hannahb and Hennryj
   Hannah and Henry
   hanns and ingrid
   Hausen and Hellern
   heide and annesus
   Heide and Dietlind
   heide and dietlind
   Heide and Milo
   Heike22 and Doris22
   Heike33 and Doris33
   Heimi and Aysel
   Heimi and Moniqueah
   Helga and Waltraud
   Henry and Simon
   HGW and TW
   hh and He
   Hilde and Ike
   Himmbeer and Erdbeer
   Ike and Hilde
   inessa and Stefan
   Inez and Marianne
   Inge and Elli
   inge and ingrid
   Ingo and Josef
   IngridHausBseigegruesst and ingridn
   Ingrid and ChristophHL
   ingrid and dorothea
   Ingrid and Gisela
   Ingrid and josef
   Ingrid and Karola
   Ingrid and Manuel
   ingriD and marieluce
   Ingrid and Renate
   Ingried and Elli
   Ing and Mar
   ing and mar
   Inka and Andy
   inkognita and eXe
   Inkomat2000 and Jennie
   jagaellsogeits and gibdraemupf
   Jeannette1 and Margo1
   Johann and Marianne
   Johann and Rolf
   John and Asti
   Josefe and Andreaf
   Josef and Andre
   josef and ebet
   josef and fbet
   Josef and Nadja
   Josef and Sascha
   Julia and Traudel
   Jun and Jan
   jutta and angelika
   jutta and chris
   Jutta and Marianne
   jut and bea
   J and I
   Kaffee and Tee
   kalli and gulla
   kaloser and bawinner
   Kamille and Minze
   Karola and Beate
   Karola and Ingrid
   Karola and Peter
   Karola and Wolfram
   Karo and Dominik
   KAR and LYD
   Kater and Mikesch
   Katola and Rita
   Katze and Hund
   Kat and pet
   Kawolke and Bawind
   KAZI and LYBE
   kaz and ga
   ka and ga
   Ka and Su
   Koe and han
   Kreuzacker and Rotacker
   kundi and gundi
   Kundi and Gundi
   lael1 and anme1
   lani1 and meisi1
   Lb and Kz
   Lea and Ahmad
   Leberkaese and Maski
   Leiter and Sprosse
   Lena and Felix
   Lessing and Vondel
   Lilo and Milo
   Linda and Barbara
   Linda and Thorsten
   Lisa and Homer
   Lisa and Silvia
   Lisou and Silvia
   Lizzy and Beate
   lluisa and olga
   Lotte and malheur
   Lukas and Nico
   Luzia and Marta
   ly and ga
   maga and krav
   Maierbeck and Manu
   Maja Surkamp and Habibi
   malheur and jutta
   malheur and lea
   Mama and Barbara
   Mama and Johannes Brixner
   manni and hoffi
   Mann and Frau
   Manuel and Griselda
   Manu and Regu
   Mara and Grossmama
   margret and rita
   Marianne and inez
   Mariechante and Sieglindelacht
   marilu and najade
   Mario and Patricio
   Markus and Lea
   MartaL and NadiaF
   Marta and Nadia
   Martine and Stephan
   Maryeule and Doetzi
   Mary and Annelis
   Mary and Usch
   Max and Ike
   Michael and Annegret
   Mihaly and Sarah
   Milo and Lilo
   Mina and WellJustMe
   minuseins and pluseins
   Monika and Swaantje
   Moni and Doris
   nadja and karola
   najade and ingrid
   najade and marilu1
   Natalia and Nata
   Nebelmeer and oder Sonne
   Nils and Klaus
   NJ and CJR
   nolens and volens
   Norbert and Rita
   Nummer and Sechs
   ohnewein and issesauchganzfein
   Oliver and Stephan
   Opa and Nonna
   Ourse and Noeudli
   Pam and Ruth
   Papa and Tina 1
   Pasqualle and Jorge
   Paul and Kerstin
   pePe and jaPe
   PfaennlerPat491 and TigerpfotenMax467
   Philippe and Jules
   Philipp and Lukas
   Phuong and Lena
   Plisch and Plum
   Pollen and Tanz
   Quitta and Malunga
   ray and pet
   ray and ren
   Reg and Lin
   reg and ray
   reg and Ulrike
   reg and ura
   Relax and Leanback
   Renate and Marianne
   Rhein and Leine
   Rick and Birts
   Rigi and Riegel
   Rita and Heike
   rita and marta
   Rita Furrer and mariann
   Rita Furrer and marta
   Robin and Hanna
   Rolf and Christoph
   Rolf and Marianne
   Rose and A
   Rose and An
   Rose and Ann
   Rose and Anne
   rose and lessing
   rosie and tinto
   Rote and fohlen
   Ruthli and Resli
   Ruth and Mariann
   RuWe and SoBe
   Sabine and Karola
   Sabine and Milo
   Sami and Ninsch
   Sannex8 and Uschi
   Sarah and Mihaly
   Sara and Jojo
   sascha and annesus
   sascha and nora
   Saturn and Jupiter
   Schawester and Baruder
   schnee and berge
   Scott and Karin2
   Scott and Karin3
   Scrabblekyra and Scrabblejennie
   Seeigel and Seepferd
   see and pott
   sieglindelacht and mariechante
   Simon and Paul
   Simon Huff and Huff
   siola and doris
   Sister and Brother
   Ski Welt and Meisterschaft
   Solmu and Vektor
   solwei and muhalb
   sonnenscheinchen and wombat
   Sonne and Geniessen
   sososo and nono
   sosos and nonon
   Spatzle and Mixy
   Stefan and Ulrike
   Stephanie and Nicola
   Stephy and ElDoro
   Steph and Brigitte
   Steve and Vroni
   Sue and Sylke
   sugar and cinnamon
   Susanne and Karin
   Sven and Stefan
   Sylvia and GAbi
   tag and nacht
   Teich and Beet
   test1 and test2
   Thatsmee and K229k11
   Thorben and Lilalu
   Thun1 and Goldach1
   Thun3 and Goldach3
   Till and Carla
   Tina Winkler and Michael Winkler
   Tine and Josef
   Tinto and Beate
   tinto and susanne
   Toranome and April
   toronto and unterbach
   ugu and Heimi
   Ulrike and Giulietta
   ulrike and Ingrid
   ulrike and Ingridherrmann
   ulrike and ingridN
   Ulrike and Josef
   Ulrike and Regula
   Ursellina and Giulietta
   Ursi and Esther
   Urs and Ben
   Urs and Esther
   uschix11 and sanne
   Uschi and Kasimir
   Usch and Mary
   Vincent and Mami
   Vogel and Stimmen
   Volmar and Norden
   vol and cla
   vondel and A3
   Weisswein and Rotwein
   wemu and leju
   winner and loser
   Wochen and Ende
   Wolfgang and Christine
   Wortkanone and Advocatus Diaboli
   Zitronen and Tee

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