Welcome to The German 2 Player Game Room !
Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

There are limitations to this game, you have to use the numbers 1 to play , 2 to play
and 3 to play . On the game board, these three characters are displayed correctly.

Please scroll down the list, and click on your player names to open your games.
Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
There are currently 450 games being played in this room.

   Aaleo and Mariann
   aalois and doris
   AAMariann and Leo
   aero and Vektor
   alberich and woglinde
   Albestrasse and Varziner strasse
   AlexS and Claudia
   aligra and angelika
   aligra and dietmar
   aligra and jutta
   aligra and malheur
   Anderl and MariAnderl
   AndreaF and JosefE
   angelika and aligra
   Angelika and Chris
   Angelika and Christoph
   Angelika and Dietlind
   Angelika and Elisabeth
   Angie and Linda
   Angme and Kartri
   Anita and Elisabeth
   Annette and Ulrike
   Ansi and Biha
   Apollonia and Elisabeth
   astrid d and maegi f
   Aysel and Uschi
   babravo and gabsschnupft
   Baeatmetdurch and Gareisefiebrig
   Banjo and Dory
   BarbaraM and InezW
   Barbara and Andrea
   Barbara and Beate
   Barbara and David
   Barbara and Elli
   BArbara and INez
   barbarA and ineZ
   Barbara and Susanne
   Barbi and Moni
   Barbi and MoniMi
   Bastei and Luebbe
   Beate and Dietlind
   Beate and ingrid
   Benni and Dorsi
   Benno and Dorte
   Benn and Leve
   berlin and nuernberg
   berna and lucerna
   be and su
   Biber and Bloeli
   Biggi and Flavia
   Blaue and Fohlen
   Blubird3 and FreundinMk
   BlueBird and Dorothea
   Blumen and Vase
   Blutwurst and Leberwurst
   Bodensee and Thunersee
   Boese and Gut
   bot and ham
   Braten and Stock
   Brigitte and Stephann
   Britta and Christine
   Bundesplatz and Albestrasse
   cary and sylvi
   Catharina and Barbarella
   chrige and ruthle
   Christine and Wolfgang
   Chris and Angeli
   Chris and Angelika
   Chris and cornelia
   Chris and Hans
   Chris and Jutta
   Claudia and Barbara
   ClaudiB and Alex
   claudi and inez
   claudi and moni
   claudi and patricia
   clau and husch
   clau and raym
   cla and pet
   cla and vol
   conni and elena
   cornelia and Chris
   Cornelia and Susanna
   Curry and Suppe
   David and Barbara
   David and Dietlind
   David and Dietmar
   David and John
   Day and Dag
   Deutschland and Florida
   Dietlind and Barbara
   Dietlind and Eliza
   Dietlind and Heide
   Dietlind and Lizzy
   Dietlind and Patricia
   Dietlind and Ute
   Dietllind and susanne
   dietmar and aligra
   Dietmar and David
   Dietmar and Dorothea
   Dietmar and dorothea
   dietmar and elke
   Dietmar and Gerlind
   Din and Coe
   doli and alois
   donner and stag
   Dora and Benni
   Dore and Benni
   doris and alois
   Doris and Benni
   Doris and Hans
   Doris and ingrid
   Doris and Margrit
   Dori and Benni
   Dorothea and Josef
   doro and ingridhe
   Dreiunddreissig and Vierunddreissig
   Edelweiss and Enzian
   eila and anmeis
   ekle and flein
   el2 and an2
   Elisabeth and Anita
   elisabeth and dietlind
   Elisabeth and Elli
   elisabeth and gabi
   elisabeth and heide
   elisabeth and ingrid
   elisabeth and martina
   elisabeth and ulrike
   elisabeth and uschi
   elisabeth and waltraut
   elisabeth and wolfram
   eliwo and anime
   eliza and elisabeth
   Elke and Dietlind
   Elke and Dietmar
   Elke and Ingrid
   Ellen and susi
   Elli and Barbara
   Elli and Dietlind
   Elli and Francoise
   Elli and Inge
   Enzian and Edelweiss
   epping and vondel
   Esther and Urs
   eXe and doro
   eXe and heXe
   exe and inkognita
   EXE and JUTTA
   EySkalt and YoFrozen
   Ey and Yo
   Filzmuetzen and Filzsocken
   Fixi and Foxi
   flaesch and buchs
   flein and ekle
   floeckchen and weissroeckchen
   fohlen and Rote
   Franken and Niederrhein
   fred and tinto
   Fritz 1 and Susanne
   Fritz and Tinto
   gabi and elisabeth
   Geburi and Fest
   Gerd and Doro
   Gerlind and Beate
   Gerlind and Dietlind
   Gero and Doro
   geschenk and erhalt
   Giraffe and Leopard
   Giraphe and Tinkerbell
   Giulia and Julier
   Goldach 1 and Thun 1
   Goldach 2 and Thun 2
   Goldach 3 and Thun 3
   Grappa and Altst
   Grisi and Annette H
   Gris and Mar
   gundi and kundi
   Gundi and Kundi
   gurko and mandedl
   Guten and Abend
   hanno and Koe
   Hanns and Giraphe
   hanns and taligra
   Hausen and Hellern
   heide and martine
   Heide and Milo
   Heike33 and Doris33
   Heike4 and Doris4
   heike and Ingrid
   Heimi and Aysel
   Heini and Paul
   Hemd and Bluse
   HE and PV
   Himmelblau and Schneeweiss
   hueben and drueben
   Ike and Elisabeth
   Ike and Hilde
   Ike and Max
   Iltis and Marder
   InezW and MoniM
   Inez and Gabis
   ingeborg and ingrid
   Inge and Dietlind
   IngridH and ingridn
   ingridO1 and ingridC1
   ingridO3 and ingridC3
   ingrid and Dorothea
   ingrid and Elli
   Ingrid and Karola
   Ingrid and Ulrike
   Jan und David and Elke und Hans
   jassnami and manuelhilft
   JosefE and IngridN
   Josef and Ingo
   Josef and Sascha
   Josef and Yola
   Jung and Alt
   jutta and aligra
   Jutta and Angelika
   JUtta and BEate
   Jutta and Chris
   jutta and doris
   jutta and hanns
   Jutta and malheur
   Kabern and Lymann
   Karin and Gab
   Karin and Gabi
   Karola and Beate
   Karola and Rita
   Karola and Sabine
   Karola and Wolfram
   Karten and Nicken
   Kasimir 2 and Susanna 2
   Kasimir and Ellen
   Kasimir and Jojo
   Kasimir and Tinto
   Kasimir and Uschi
   Katharina and Barbarella
   Kawinner and Balooser
   Kkaarroo and Mmiicchh
   Klaus and Nils
   Krav and Maga
   Kuchen and Nussgipfel
   kundi and gundi
   Kundi and Gundi
   La and Li
   Lby and Kzi
   Lea and Biene
   LEA and Biene
   Lea and Britta
   Lea and Malheur
   Leine and Rhein
   Lei and rhei
   Licht and Dunkel
   Liegestuhl and Wetter
   Linda and Esther
   Lischen and Hildchen
   Lis and Ute
   Lizzy and Beate
   llw and phw
   Los and Tag
   lotte and Malheur
   Lotte and Malheur
   Luzia and Rita Furrer
   Lydia and Gero
   Lyd and Kar
   Lys and Kas
   Ly and Ka
   maegi and astrid
   Maga and Krav
   maga and krav
   Maggie and Bibi
   malheur and aligra
   Malheur and Dobby
   Malheur and jutta
   malheur and lea
   malunga and quitta
   Malunga and Quitta
   Mamma and Mia
   Mandedl and Aysel
   Manuela 2 and Susy 2
   Marchy and Juny
   marianne and Ingrid
   Mariechante and Sieglindereist
   MarkB and MoniM
   Marta and Denise
   marta and karin
   Marta and Rita
   Mary and Annelis
   Mary and Jutta
   Mary and Usch
   Mar and ingridhe
   Mauss and Schubwahn
   Meggie and Mixy
   Michvermissender and Einnistende
   milo and doris
   milo and sabine
   Mischael and Astrid
   Mittwoch and Mercredi
   Mixy and Meggie
   Mmichael and Aastrid
   Monika and Doris
   moniqueah and heimi
   Moni and Dori
   Moni and Lea
   Muhen and Triengen
   muh and sol
   nadja and josef
   Neue and Wege
   Nina and Margot
   nirak and itteb
   NOnna and Nonno
   Nonno and Nonna
   N and U
   Oet and Alt
   OlegAntonowMax and PaulNizanPat
   Oxford and Berlin
   Oxford and Halle
   Panama and Borsalino
   Patricio and Mario
   pet and ray
   Pfannkuchen and Palatschinken
   Phw and llw
   Pi and Poan
   Prinz and Micky
   Quadrat and Dreieck
   Radeln and Skifahren
   Radieschen and Regula
   Regula and Claudia
   Reg and Lin
   reg and moni
   Rene and teresita
   rhoenmaus and sal
   Rhoen and Prims
   richard and anna
   richo and an
   Rick and Anmnelies
   Rita and Heike
   Rita and Marta
   Romeo1 and Julia1
   Rosem and A
   Rose and An
   Rose and Ann
   Rose and Anne
   rose and vondel
   RoTe and FohLen
   rubin and saphir
   Rutbel and Marbin
   RuthamPutze and ChristineamChille
   Sabine and Milo
   Sascha and Josef
   Schaf and Wolfspelz
   Schneeflocke and Schneefrau
   schneeweisschen and rosenrot
   schoener and Sonntag
   schon wieder and Wochenende
   Schubwahn and Mausss
   Schulter and Ski
   schussfahrt and slalom
   Schutt and Mulde
   Sevi and Rita
   sieglindelacht and mariechante
   Silvia and Erika
   Silvi and Fabienne
   slalom and kombi
   smaragd and granat
   solmu and Vektor
   sonnenscheinchen and wombat
   sportlich and kreativ
   Stefan and Inessa
   Stefan and Sven
   Steph6 and Brigitte6
   Suchen and Finden
   Sue and Sylke
   Susanna2 and Rosie2
   Susanne1 and Fritz
   Susanne and Beate
   Susanne and Betti
   Susanne and Elli
   Susanne and heide
   Susanne and Regula
   Susanne and tinto
   Susan and Kahi
   Susi and Ellen
   Susi and Karola
   Susy 1 and Manuela 1
   SZ and SG
   THUN 4 and GOLDACH 4
   tibet and nirak
   Tinto and Dietlind
   tinto and fred
   traen and schnupf
   TW and HGW
   Ula and Urs
   UliP and SusanneK
   Uli and Klausi
   UlrikePf and SusannK
   UlrikeP and IlseR
   ulrike and dorothea
   Ulrike and ingridherrm
   ulrike and ingridN
   Ulrike and josef
   Ulrike and Regula
   Ulrike and Stefan
   Ulrike Friebel and Ute Wedel
   Umay and Arven
   Ursa and Ben
   Ursa and Rega
   Ursel and Jutta
   Ursetta and Marietta
   Ursi and Anni
   Ursi and Tanja
   Ursula and Ben
   Urs and Esther
   Uschi and Aysel
   Uschi and Dietlind
   uschi and elisabeth
   Uschi and Gerlind
   Uschi and Lizzy
   Ute and Inge
   Ute and Johannes
   Ute and Lis
   Ute and Meggie
   Ute and Patricia
   ute wedel and inge weiand
   Vatikan and Fransziskus
   Verena and Barbara
   verlaessig and unzu
   vier Tage and frei
   volker and helga
   vol and cla
   Wanderer and Kletterin
   Waub and Reisender
   Wetter and Hoch
   wieder and Wochenende
   Winter and Ade
   Yoghurt and Eyran
   yolene and Ingrid
   Yol and Mar
   Yoyo and Eyeyey
   Zug and Cham
   zwitscher and tirili

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