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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 152 games being played in this room.

   aeras and liakada
   Agelos and Kaiti
   Alex and Vassilis
   Amalia and Rita
   andi and dina
   andi and kati
   andreas and giorgos
   andreas and maggie
   andrew and constance
   Angi and Kostas
   AntonovAn225 and IlyushinIl76
   Apostol and Manto
   Aris and Zania
   Arxisan and TaRemote
   Babis5 and Defk5
   banana2 and ananas2
   banana3 and ananas3
   banana5 and ananas5
   banana7 and ananas7
   betty and lena
   blue hamham and micha
   BXMM1 and BXMM2
   caronte and Dafnou
   Christine and Christo
   Christos and Christina
   Chris and Archo
   Chris and Despina
   Complains and Perfect butt girl with problem
   Con and El
   Con and Ele
   DEFK3 and BABIS3
   DEFK4 and BABIS4
   dickran and maria
   dimi and kaiti
   dinaki and stavraki
   dina and maggie
   Eirini and Christos Stathakopoulos
   ELENI and EFI
   ele and kle
   ep and il
   Esy Pos and Ti Vgazeis
   Evangelia and Christos
   evie and emilios
   Evi and Chris
   Gati and Kastoras
   george1 and marianna1
   GeorgeVasilakis and IreneStrouvali
   George and Areti
   george and marianna
   george and marina
   geo and fen
   Ghost and Queen
   Gwgw and Fotis
   Havli and Dida
   IFIG and SIAN
   IFI and SIA
   Iliana and Giorgos
   Ilina and Test
   ioannaz and manolisx
   Jason and Elena
   Johny and MarChar
   kaiti and Maggie
   Kalliopi and Themis
   Kartin and Chris
   Kartin and Dina
   katerina and elpida
   Kate and Andi
   Kate and Mary
   Kate and Steven
   Katrina and Xristos
   katrin and george
   Koko and Andre
   Kost and Maria
   Kourou and Christie
   K K and G E
   K K and G H
   Laoulaou and Tsimatsima
   lena and charis
   mac and cheese
   maggie and katrin
   Marianna and Nikoleta
   Maria and Helen
   maria and katerina
   Marina and Kleo
   marios and vicky
   matter and antimatter
   Merkos and Sasa
   Michalis and Maria
   mixalis123456 and popi123456
   mixalis12345 and popi12345
   mixalis1234 and popi1234
   mixalis123 and popi123
   mixalis12 and popi12
   mixalis1 and popi1
   mixalis and popi
   Monotop and Alex
   Nasia and Jim
   Nef and Andreas
   NIA1 and EMI1
   nostalgia and remvasmos
   Nouli and Mouli
   Nten and Chris
   Ouranaki and Stavrak
   PaliXwris and Kouzina
   Panagiotis and Niki
   panagiwta and petos skapetos
   patata1 and patata2
   pektisa and pektisb
   Pelagia and Sofia
   Penny and Katerina
   petronio and Marga84
   Rania and Alex
   Remvasmos and Nostalgia
   SIA and IFI
   sibakos and felin
   Sofi and Lena
   sotiroula and marina
   soulis and lela
   soulizzz and lelaaazz
   soulizz and lelaaaz
   stavrakis and ouranaki
   Stavros and Christina
   Stella and Kalliopi
   sterg and Aris
   steve and karen
   steve and maggie
   suse and katrin
   suse and lucy
   tamias671 and melos379
   Tania1 and Maria1
   Teleiaa and Constantinos
   Teleia and Constantinos
   Theo and Mitsios
   Thimios and Marina
   thor and hulk
   tk and alx
   tornado1 and mandoo1
   Tsagos and Kat
   ver1 and len1
   ver and len
   veta and katrin
   Veta and Spiros
   Vic and Vic1
   Xristakis and Maroula
   Yiannos Christoforou and Andreas

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