Welcome to The Office Wallas Game Room !

Players must start all new games within 4 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 10 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 179 games being played in this room.

   abluebell and ablueberry
   AB MJ and JM
   aDog and mizJoyce
   Andy and Geraldine
   Anicki and Philip
   Anita and Ellie
   AnnP and AleneT
   Arno and David
   Audrey and Geri
   Babe and Barb
   baker dad and flower girl
   barb and diane
   Bettie and Rachel
   bigp and biggerd
   Binx and Mumsie
   Blato and NYC
   bob sansone and BOB AGENJO
   Bonnie and Marcia
   Bonny and Margz
   Brenda and Frieda
   Camp and Christina
   Carl and mom
   Carol and Barb
   Carol and Tammy
   Carol Botzman and connie
   Charlotte and Chapel Hill
   Cheryl and Gill
   Christina and Camp
   Christina and Eddie
   Christina and William
   Chris and Dorothy
   Clare and Cheryle
   Corabelle and Melaniebelle
   Corabelle and Ritabelle
   Cruiser and Boozer
   Cyril and Arnold
   d60 and fourB58
   debby and elisa
   debby and jonah
   Debb and Greg
   Deborah and Greg
   Diane and Gillian
   Dianne and Kathy
   Doris Bryant and Dettag
   Doris Bryant and dettawg
   Doris Bryant and Wydetta
   Doris Bryant and Wydettaw
   Doris Bryant and Wydettawg
   Dorothy and Yvonne
   ellie and jeffrey
   Eunice W Oliver and april
   eunie and april
   Faith and Jerry
   farrell and tillie
   Flare and Virgil
   Four Bill 58 and Denise 59
   Four Bill 59 and Denise 60
   Four Bill 60 and Denise 60
   Freddie and Barbara
   gail and june
   gamefivel and gamefivem
   gameonlyn and gameonmarg
   Gary and Mary
   Gerg and Dujy
   GG and KE
   glb and jpb
   glb and llb
   Gram and Evan
   Harrier and Beagle
   Impeach and Now
   Indolent Ian and Lightening Lisa
   Inlanders and Islanders
   Janet and Vance
   Jane J and Lynn P
   janice and cathy
   Jas misses a step and Les snares a win
   jeffrey and croquet queen
   Jeff and Diane
   jeff and penny
   Jgallery and Jcooper
   Joan and Rita
   JohnE and Pamela
   John and Laurina
   John and Paul
   John and rebecca1
   John and rebecca2
   Joines and Judge
   joyce and mike
   Kathy and Dianne
   Kathy and Dory
   kathy a and sue m
   kerry and marianne
   KitKat and BabyRuth
   Kona Joe and The Bank
   Lana pig wilson and Mara melandry
   Lana wilson and Mara melandry
   LAURA and Karen
   Leo and Nina
   Les is back and Jas the Kiwi
   linda and rebecca
   Loopus and Poopus
   lovely and adorable
   Lynda and Rebecca
   madman and madwoman
   Mandy and Kathie
   margaret and richard
   marg and alene
   Marianne and Joy
   Marianne and Kerry
   Mark and Martin
   martha and Jeff
   martin and john
   Maryann and Ellsa
   Mary and Eileen
   mary and Elisabeth
   May and Highsssssssss
   Melvin and Rhonda
   michael and betty
   Michael Conway and indumati Conwy
   mike12 and peter12
   MIKE and MARY
   Mom and Diane
   mornlyn and mornmarg
   mymommmmmie and yourteeeeeeenie
   nancy and linda
   nancy and sandy
   onepointwin and onepointloss
   One and Five
   Papi and Leanna
   Pat and Valda
   Paula and Carol
   paul and lorne
   PEG and BETH
   Peter11 and Mike11
   Peter and Phyllis
   pete and dip
   phyllis and glee
   Prince and Pauper
   Queen of Only 60 and King of Retirees
   Rebecca and Lynda
   restinlady and lastmonth
   Richard and Bev
   rich and marg
   roberto and flaubert
   Robin Wicks and Amy
   sameoldogs and newkitty
   Sandy and Claud
   sassy1 and jujubee1
   sc and api
   sharon and donna
   Shoeless Joe and Lovely Lolita
   Springer and Collie
   Spring and Suzi
   Squeakedawin and Loserby4
   stretch and tabasco
   Succulent lina and Baker pops
   susaintherain and annainthe morning
   Susan and Beateice
   Susan and Bonnie
   susa and anna
   Susie and Kathy
   susuki and annuki
   Suzi and Col
   sweet pea and petunia
   tee and mumsie
   Uri and Jack
   Val and Maurene
   V walk and R walk
   Wallas Shawn and George Wallas
   Walla Fame and Wallawalla Bingbang
   watercolor and charcoal
   Wreck and Wrick
   Yvonne and Dorothy
   y and a
   Zoe and Ian

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