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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 119 games being played in this room.

   andy and jand j
   anne and michele
   Arthur and Pamela
   barb and diane
   BA and GD
   Becky and Jeanne
   Beck and Hart
   Betty and Natalie
   Bill and Patsy
   Blue Green Sea and Sunny Windy Weather
   Bob and Elena
   bruce and jeff
   bully4u and jokesonme
   Carol and David
   Cathy and Annette
   Cathy and Jo
   Cathy and Noreen
   Cathy and Paul
   Cathy and Sparky
   Ca and Jim
   Ca and Nj
   Cerveza and Galletas Saladas
   Dale and Roy
   Denise and Sandra
   Deputy and Banks
   donna and kathy
   Don Alfonso and Despina
   Dory Spence and Kathy
   Elizabeth and James
   Esther and Irene
   Figaro and Susanna
   Gail and Helen
   gap and shelsea
   Gardencoaster and Newsflasher
   Gedi and Deborah
   Georgie and Margie
   Harriet and nic179
   Hart and Becker
   Hart and Joyce
   hazel and Rita
   HellnJoy and Dougie
   Henny and Gary
   HR onepointlosers and Terry bigwinnerStPaddysEve
   HR stillcoldbutsunny and Terry March18
   ICantChooseTheWineInFrontOfYou and TrulyYouHaveADizzyingIntellect
   irene and marg
   isit and flowers
   I am on the Brute Squad and You ARE the Brute Squad
   Janet Coffee and Susan Tea
   Jane and Fran
   jen and wen
   jezebel and bravura
   Jim and Beth
   JL and SA
   Joan and Colleen
   Jon and Margi
   joyce and barbara
   Julie and Dorothy
   June and Dorothy
   kathy and liz
   Kobold and Hart
   Lauralu and Melba
   Liked and New sign
   Loup 237 and Bob 168
   M21 Keef and M21 C
   Margaret Chase and Jada Pinkett
   marilyn and ann
   Marilyn and Jackie
   Marilyn and Obster
   mariner and cross
   marty joseph and Richard stucker
   marty joseph and Roberta Kurlantzick
   Meg and Claire
   Melinda and Jeff
   Melody and Shirley
   Michele and Nettie
   michelle and lori
   Missy and Travis
   Miza Taylor and Clara Brown
   MMK and RMM
   Mom and Deb
   Mom and Susan
   Name Calling Presidential Art and Lying Thin Skinned Donald
   Nancy and Ginnie
   Nita and Judy
   Old Casuarina Beach Club and New Fort Maxwell Restaurant
   OlivaOutsold and OliverWithoutOvaries
   Pac and Cross
   Pam and Mary
   Paul 13A and Andy 13A
   Penny and Andy
   Pippa and Ronnie
   Pong and King
   Rodders and John
   Roe and Jeanne
   Rog upby47 and SPD March18
   Ronnie and Pippa
   Ronny and Todd Eron
   R and M
   sand and water
   sbh and msg
   shirley and travis
   Shirley Swan and Cynthia Mason
   Smitty and Philly
   Stefi and Phylly
   SuetMaybeinSnowSue and MondayZumbaMelin
   Sue and Cindy
   sue and marge
   susan and steve
   That Vizzini He Can Fuss and I ThinkHeLikes to Scream At Us
   The Woman in Black and Macbeth
   Tina and Suzie
   Tom and Mum
   Trebor and Nylorac
   Uncle JJ and Ribsy
   Viv and Kathleen
   Wendy and Ursula
   When I Was Your Age and Television Was Called Books
   Winter and Spring

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