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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 122 games being played in this room.

   Alice and Edythe
   alvin and bob
   Annilini and Mindioso
   A and W
   Barbara and Nettie
   Barb and Joe
   Believe and Naive
   bethm and jimh
   Beth and Jim
   Betty Halley and Michael
   BK and JH
   Black cat and Jackolantern
   Bob 154 and Loup 217
   brian and harley
   Buckeye and Peach
   Cal and NE
   Candy corn and Popcorn balls
   Caroline and Brian
   Carol and Kimberly
   carol and val
   Cathy and Annette
   Cathy and Noreen
   Cathy and Paul
   Christine and Linda
   claudia and gail
   CleaningOutCW and WishingYouWereOutCN
   cliff and hanger
   Cubs and Sox
   Cynthia and Chestah
   DAD and MOM
   Dave and Lynn
   DC and Mojo
   Di and Dot
   don and gene
   Do Or Do Not and There Is No Try
   Drew and Freda
   ed and linda
   elaine and sheri
   Flower Lady and Rustic Hermit
   Gail and Helen
   Gardencoaster and Newsflasher
   Gerry and Carolyn
   Glacier National Park and Tuscanny
   GM and LD
   Greg and Celeste
   Hansel and Gretel
   Harriet and Marcy
   hatsforsale and hatsonsale
   Helen and Joanne
   Help Me Obi Wan Kenobe and Youre My Only Hope
   hjh and Lil
   Horace and Lily
   HR balmyfallweather and Terry NateiscomingOct7
   HR falliscomingback and Terry Oct 10
   IFindYourLackofFaithDisturbing and HesHolding A Thermal Detonator
   ikey and Margaret Dexter
   Italy and Montana
   ItsAboutTime and WhatTookYouSoLong
   Jackie Bowles and Kathy Thompson
   Jane and Paul
   Jeepers and Creepers
   JL and SA
   JN and JH
   Joe and Barb
   Joyce and Hart
   Judy and Barb
   Katherine and Wayne
   Krispie Treats and Fried Brain
   Linda and Susanne
   Lisa and Donna
   Lishy and Maether
   Loup 217 and Bob 155
   Lucille and Helen
   Luminous Beings We Are and Not This Crude Matter
   magic and phoebe
   Margaret and Ronnie
   Martin and Laura
   Marybaby and Patticakes
   Mary and Kay
   marzo and soladadeux
   Michelle Fitzgerald and Thelma Kaplan
   Missy and Shirley
   Missy and Travis
   Miss Gail and Miss Laur Beth
   Mom and Janet
   Mom and Martha
   Montana and Ontario
   oma and linda
   Pac and Atl
   PatMcEvoy and AmyM
   Pat M and AmyM
   Peace and Niece
   Peg and Jim
   p and m
   Ramona and Sheila
   Robert and Elena
   Rog hockeyseasonstarts and SPD overtherainbow
   Ronnie and Pippa
   ruth and yvonne
   Sandi and David
   Sarah and Mom
   Shirleycheeseman and Corinne Putman
   Shirley and Julie
   silverdale and seaside
   sis and bro
   Smitty and Philly
   Stuck Up Half Witted Scruffy and Looking Nerf Herder
   Sue and Cindy
   Sue H and Karen H
   Susan and Krista
   susan and steve
   Sylvia and Mike Lockett
   Tamino and Papageno
   Thats Great Kid and Dont Get Cocky
   URI and LINDA
   Virginia and Mary
   Walda and Janni
   Wendy and Norah
   Wendy and Ursula
   When 900 Years Old You Reach and Look So Good You Will Not
   Yorkie and Pennie

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