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Players must start all new games within 4 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 10 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 122 games being played in this room.

   Alexandra and Laura
   Alex and Vera
   alvin and bob
   Andy and Penny
   Anne and DeeDee
   Ann and Drew
   At Anchor She Rides and The Sunny Sod
   Audra and Dave
   Barb and Joe
   Bert and Penny
   Bill and Louise
   Bob 132 and Loup 185
   Bob and Elena
   Brownie and Brooksie
   carolyn and sue
   Cathy and Annette
   Cathy and Noreen
   Cat Staff and Dog Walker
   Cecile and David
   Charlene and Christina
   Christchurch and Ganges
   Christchurch and Saltspring
   cowpat and paupler
   Daphne Coral and Brenda Pearl
   David and Davidjoycr
   David and Mike
   DeeDee and Anne
   detector de metal and En la playa
   did and nid
   Dina and Lynda
   donna and kathy
   dorothy and patti
   Dory and Kathy
   Dougie and HellnJoy
   Full to the Gunnel and WithFlowersAGrowing
   Fun and Games
   Garth and Trisha
   Gayle and Bonnie
   GPW and MET
   Grace and Ona
   Gretchen and Mary Lu
   Groundhog and Grandma
   Harriet and Marcy
   Harriet and nic179
   Hart and Becker
   Hart and New
   HawaiiHankerer and BostonBeliever
   Heather and Thalia
   Here Come Real Stars and Come Emulating Flies
   HR coldernow and JimGroundhogdayplus2
   HR coldloserby16 and Terry DCwinner
   HR lostby16again and Terry winneragain
   HR Michiganwinter and Terry changeweather
   Janet and Susan
   JC and JH
   JeanB and Jane J
   JL and SA
   Joe and Barb
   JoJo and SSFF
   Kathie and Mandy
   Kathie and Sue
   Kathleen Mullally and Mary Alice Caldes
   Kay and Mary
   Lanny and Riet
   Linda and Susanne
   Lin and Jess
   lisa and lorna
   Loup 184 and Bob 132
   Lucy and Dad
   Madeline and Vivian
   Maether and Lishy
   Make the day seem and To us less brief
   Malaise and Depression
   Mannie and Linda
   Marcia and Cherie
   Margaret and Ronnie
   Mary and Lynn
   Matty Groves and Polly Perkins
   Meg and Claire
   Mike and David
   miriam and dot
   Mom and Rusty
   Nettie and Barbara
   Newsflasher and Gardencoaster
   new and game
   Nina and Leo
   nitya and susan
   No necesito and Paraguas
   oldmanwinter and springmaid
   Oro and Plata
   pac and atl
   Pelleas and Melisande
   Phyl and Kathy
   Pippa and Ronnie
   Pruning and Walking
   Queen and Worker Bee
   Rain and Sister
   Robinson and Adams
   Rose and Louise
   Sally27 and Reva9
   Sandi and David
   sarah and nomi
   shirley and Missy
   sms and sjm
   steve m and susan
   sue and kathie
   Susanne and Linda
   Susan and Barbara
   Susan Hill and Michael rumack
   Suzy and Judy
   TheFishermanSwapping and A Yarn for A Yarn
   Toto and Dorothy
   Travis and Missy
   Ursula and Wendy
   Val and Dean
   WarmWishesCW and SunshineGreetingCN
   Webmistress and Saxmaster
   Worthing and Beach
   Worthing and Ganges
   YYZ and BGI
   Zan and Jackie

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