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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 111 games being played in this room.

   Amanda and Andrea
   Apr21 Eds and Apr 21 C
   arlene and rita
   ATangled Web Do Parents Weave and WhenThinkTheirChildrenAreNaive
   Ava and Yoya
   Away and Home
   Barbara and Dale
   Barbara and Jennifer
   Barb and Rob
   Ben and Mom
   Beth and Jim
   Beth and Mary
   Betty and Juletta
   Biopsy schmiopsy and Itchy schmitzy
   Bob 210 and Loup 291
   Caroline and Brian
   cAROL and nANCY
   Catherine and James
   Cathy and Noreen
   Cathy and Paul
   Cathy and Sparky
   Cheryl and Denise Armstrong
   chime1 and chime2
   christina and valerie
   chris and gwendolyn
   Chris and Mom
   Cindy and Sue
   colleen and kathy
   Cuz S and Cuz C
   David and Sally
   DeeDee and Anne
   Dee and John
   df and sst
   DIL and MIL
   don and gene
   Edith and Brent
   Ellen Smith and Jean A La Valley
   Esther White and Linda
   Evanston and Cary
   francescahayes and christopherhayes
   Gail and Helen
   gamesofwordstwo and wordwithgamestwo
   Ganges and Regina
   Gardencoaster and Newsflasher
   Gayle and Bonnie
   Glad IveGotMoreGoingOnInLife and Than Hating On the President
   Happily Retired and Considering it
   Harriet and Marcy
   Hart and New
   heidi levasseur and emily levasseur
   Herod and Herodias
   Honey and Vinegar
   HR drywallersApr24 and Terry wonby5
   HR postEaster and Terry wonby45
   HR taxdayplusone and Terry springApr16
   Ian and Keith
   Ilene and dot
   Intercol and IPC
   Irene and Esther
   Is My Mind Maturing Late and Or Simply Rotting Early
   Janet and Susan
   Jennie Cross and Dot Moscrop
   joan1 and rose1
   Jonnyjumpupjean and Pansypaula
   Judy and Barbara
   kathy and liz
   Kerry and Marilyn
   Kim and Myra
   Leaving snd Returning and Staying Put
   LindaLee and Melba
   Linda and April
   Lynne and Dave
   Lynne and David
   MacKinnon and Seguin
   Mandryka and Arabella
   Marina Garbutt and Jeannine
   Mariner and Cross
   Martin and Laura
   May Flowers Helen and April Showers Tom
   Mc and Ellin
   Megm and Diana
   MMK and RMM
   Mum and Mark
   Newsflasher and Gardencoaster
   Nyra and Nancy
   oma and linda
   pac and atl
   Pippa and Ronnie
   Popcycles and Fudgies
   Poppy and Daffodil
   Puff and Pea
   Robert and Elena
   Rog lostby14 and SPD Apr18winner
   Roman Baths and Bath England
   Ruth and Harriet
   R and M
   Scrabbledude and BingoBabe
   sharon and esther
   Shelley and Bailey
   shrimp and linguini
   silverdale and seabeck
   sue and marge
   Susan and Mom
   susan and steve
   Sylvia Ramsey and Joyce
   Tom and Mum
   TulipDots and Dogwoodpaular
   Twin and Sock
   washington and oregon
   Wendy and Ursula
   wordsinthegame2 and gameofwords2

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