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Players must start all new games within 4 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 10 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 182 games being played in this room.

   adinah and Annette
   Adinah sb and Mary Anne
   adinah SB and Penny
   AFP and DAB
   Alison and Dorothy
   amumsie and barbi
   amy and Caroline
   Andee and Marie
   Andrew Smillie and Marie Smillie
   Angela and Joyce
   Ang and Roni
   Anicki and Philip
   anita and andrea
   Ann and Alene
   Audrey and Shirley
   bairn and brian
   Barbara and Judy
   Beaumont Oldie and La La Youngster
   Behind peg and Leader lar
   bella and willie
   Betty Ann and Barbara
   Bill and Patsy
   Brabra and Pattypan
   brian and caroline
   brian and harley
   Brian and Mark
   Buddy and Jenn
   Candy and Janet
   Carolyn and Gerry
   Christine and Linda
   chris and kay
   Claudia and gail
   Constance and Pat
   Courtney and Joe
   Cynthia and Chet
   Danish and Onie
   david and penny
   Dawn and Janet
   Deb and Helen
   Deb and Philip
   dee and bj
   dewayne and jan
   Donna and Kathy
   Drawers and Ooh Matron
   DUMAR and garmog
   Ellie and Lois
   El and Mo
   En Route Again and Book Launch Date
   Frieda and brenda
   Frieda Korobkin and brenda
   GerS and SorM
   ggg and jjj
   gloria and donna
   Gratitude and Latitude
   Greg and Mom
   harriet and ruth
   Helen and Sylvia
   ian and betty
   jackie bowles and Kathy Thompson
   Jaded and Joyous
   Jamey and Julie
   Janet and Dianne
   Janet and Pam
   janny3 and mike3
   Janny4 and Pami4
   janny4 and sylvia4
   jcl and sst
   JC and JD
   Jeanee and Laurie
   Jean and Deb
   jean and gerry
   jean and lorena
   Jen and Pam
   jen and pp
   JIm and Kathy
   Jim and Mars
   joan7 and rose7
   John and Marie
   Joy Hopkins and Craig
   Jo and Dee
   jo and mark
   Judee and Greggo
   Julie and Staci
   jumpin judy and ramblin rose
   Karen and Jan
   Karen and Kathy
   kathie and sue
   Kathleen and James
   Kathy and Judy
   Kaye and Lee
   kay and dick
   Keith and Linda
   Kirsten and Max
   Kristen and Susan
   Laura and Cathy
   leila and marg
   Leila and Marge
   Lois and Eila
   Lois and Ellie
   Lone and Ranger
   Lori and Jacqui
   Louise and Norma
   luce and Kaye
   luz and Kaye
   Lynn and Sharron
   Maggie and Dorothy
   Mara and Jeff
   Marg and Alene
   Marianne and Marsha
   Marie and John
   Mark and Brian
   Mark and Deborah
   Mark and Sharyn
   Mary and Ellie
   Mary and MM
   max and lois
   MC16 and PS18
   Mediocre Mike and Proficient Paul
   Melinda and George
   Menai and Barb
   mike2 and janny2
   Miriam and Rivka Penina
   Mom and Jenn
   mom and mickey mick
   Mom and Ralph
   Mumsy and Ton Ton
   Myra and Kim
   nanc and john
   Naomi and Abby
   NemesisOfMarsha and EasyWinForMike
   Nina and Bev
   Nonna and Bubby
   North and South
   Out for revenge Aud and Run Mouse run
   Over Easy Annie and Lee on a Raft
   pam1 and janny1
   pam2 and janny2
   pam3 and janny3
   Pam and jen
   papi and titmouse
   par and three
   Pat and Nadine
   Paul and Brigid
   Paul and Cathy
   Paul and Clover
   Paul and Jane
   Paul and Mike
   Penny and Beth
   Richard Olsen and Kathleen Olsen
   Roop and Riley
   rose1 and joan1
   Ruth and Wanda
   sharonc and robinr
   Sharon and Coetta
   sharyn and donna
   Sharyn and Nancy
   Sharyn and Rita
   sharyn and sue
   Shell and Elle
   Sherian Patterson and peggy
   sis and terry
   Sofia and Ellie
   SpringIs and InTheAir
   stacey and revitz
   Sue and Kath
   Sue and Sharyn
   Sunshine and ComingHome
   Susan and Kathy
   Susie and Krissy
   sylvia1 and janny1
   sylvia2 and janny2
   sylvia3 and janny3
   Thalia and Heather
   Tuckered Out Toppe and Cautious Callies
   Uncle Frank and Joanne
   Uri and Adinah sbs
   Uri and Jaclyn
   Valda and Pat
   wantingtogohome and notwantingtogohome
   wend and cath
   Zeke and Sandy

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