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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 154 games being played in this room.

   Abby and Naomi
   adinahsb2 and Gisele
   adinahsb3 and Annette
   ADINAHSB3 and Gisele
   Adinahsb3 and Philip
   adinahzb2 and Becky
   Alice East and Joan East
   amumsie and barbi
   amy and ali
   amy and caroline
   andrew and marjean
   Andrew and Mom
   andy and moira
   Anne and Madge
   Aud Back on Track and Mouse on War Path
   Auntie and Roz
   AyeNBegorrah and ErinGoBragh
   Beryl and Ros
   BETH and El
   Beth and Joanne
   Betty and Barbara
   Betty and Joy
   Bobbie and Odette
   brain unscrabbled and brains scrabbled
   carole and freddie
   Carolyn and Gerry
   Carol and Marilyn
   Chelsea and Claudia
   Cheryl and Gail
   Chris and Beth
   chris and sue
   clover and paul
   David and Margot
   Deborah and Shelley
   df and sst
   Dinny and Mumsie
   Dogwood and Blonddye
   Don and Dan
   Edie and Lorraine
   Ellie and Lois
   emma and dad
   Gail and nittie
   Gina and nana
   gisele and mary ann
   Gisele and Nonnie
   gisele and walt
   harley and brian
   Helen and Sylvia
   Illtyd and Greg
   irene and esther
   Jackie Garrett and Anne Collie
   James Lipton and Jada Pinkett
   jan3 and mike3
   jan4 and mike4
   jan6 and mike6
   Janelle and Karen
   Janie and Ingy
   jan and dewayne
   Jean and Deb
   jean and em
   jean and lorena
   Jennifer and Maria
   Jimmy and Kathy
   John and Marie
   john and mm
   Joyce and Chelms
   Joy and Catherine
   joy hopkins and craig hopkins
   Jo and MaMe
   Judy and Barbara
   kate and michael
   Kayleen Clark and Beth carmody
   Keay and Denise
   ken and paul
   kerry and marianne
   Laraine and Ruth
   Laura and Jeff
   leila and marg
   linda and carol
   Linda and Pam
   Linda and Pat
   Linda and Viv
   Lis and Dad
   Lois and Eila
   Lois and James
   lois and Philip
   lola and ricky
   Lorraine and Maggie
   luz and Kaye
   Lyn and Gail
   Marie and John
   Mary and Karen
   MC31 and PS37
   me and linda
   Mickey and Emma
   mike5 and jan5
   Millionaire Mike and Penniless Paul
   Miza and Vi
   MN and TX
   Mogridge and Bosak
   Mom and Dean
   Mom and Leigh Ann
   Nancy and Mike
   Naomi and Abby
   pam1 and jan1
   pam4 and jan4
   Pami1 and Janny1
   Pami2 and Janny2
   pami3 and janny3
   pammie and betty
   pam and Jen
   Pat and Kim
   Paul and Brigid
   Paul and Cathy
   paul and clover
   Paul and Jo
   Peg 789 and Tina 012
   Phyllis and Faye
   piaralph and mom
   pierwszy and nie pierwszy
   PoorDavie and LuckySusie
   Randy and Iris
   Randy and Mom
   Robin Wicks and amy b
   Sandra and Toni
   Sandy and Sue
   Sharon and Tara
   Sharyn and Julie
   Sharyn and Nancy
   Sharyn and Rita
   sharyn and sue
   Shelley and Kathy
   Sheridan and Steverino
   Shirley and Julie
   slow and fast
   Sue and Mary
   Susan and Betsy
   Suzy Peakall and Betty Scully
   Sylvia and Louise
   Terry and Mike
   Thats a wrap and Keep under wraps
   Theo and Nancy
   tossedbrainsterry and pflateggphil
   unger and federer
   Upsets and Shockers
   Uri and Jaclyn
   Vernie Lou and Pugi Lou
   virginia and Jeanette
   virginia and Net
   virginia and Netti
   virginia and Netti2
   Willie Geist and George Stephenoplis
   Will you still feed me and Will you still need me
   Zeke and Sandy

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