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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 166 games being played in this room.

   Abby and Naomi
   Adinahsb2 and Michele
   Adinahsb and Uri
   aDinah sb1 and Gisele
   adinah sb2 and Vera
   adinah sb3 and Vera
   aDinah sb and Penny
   Alan and Val
   amumsie and barbi
   amy and ali
   Ann and Karen
   Asil and Eod
   Babysitter and Free to go
   Beth and Lyn
   betsy and susan
   Big and Tall
   Big Bro and Little Sis
   Biker Laurie and Impatient AA
   Bink and Janice
   Blaidd and Layla
   bob and Ja
   Brian and Harley
   brian and harley
   Brian and Mark
   Busy Beaver Laur and Playing in Dirt Gail
   Candy and Sandra
   carole and freddie
   Castles and Houses
   Cathy and Carolyn
   cathy and joan
   chewy3 and cat3
   chis and Kay
   Christopher and Francesca
   chris and sue
   Claud and Toni
   Dad and Dee
   Deborah and Shelley
   Deborah Sosebee and Susan Leigh
   df and sst
   DIANE and JOY
   Dotster and Paulster
   duchess and queen
   Duchess of Bingo Aud and Queen of
   Duchess of Bingo Aud and Queen Mouse
   Edie and Lorraine
   Eila and Lois
   Ella and Robert
   Ellie and Lois
   Emm and Jay
   eva and lori
   Gail Amar and linda
   gentle and calm
   Gilly and JOhnny
   ginia and net
   GiseleP and WaltD
   Grace and Sharon
   Gretchen and Poopsie
   Helen and Sylvia
   Hey Jude and Mary Contrary
   HopingForWarmerWeather and LawnToMowFlowersToPlant
   ian and betty
   Jacqui and Lori
   James and Lois
   jan33 and pam33
   jan4 and mike4
   jan4 and pam4
   janet4 and pam4
   Janeth and Nancy
   Janet and Judy
   Jan and Siri
   jean and nadine
   jill and miriam
   Jimmy and Kathy
   Joyce and Chestah
   joyce and sylvia
   Joy and Craig
   Jo and Helen
   Jude and Judy
   Kaye and Rosie
   Kim and Pat
   Lanell and Patty
   Lean Jean and Preening Charlene
   Lily and Rose
   Lis and Dad
   little B and big B
   ljinpouillon and SunshineinWillington
   Lois and Eila
   Lois and Ellie
   Lola and Ricky
   Lori and Eva
   luz and Kaye
   M29 Mr E and M29 Mrs C
   Mamie and Lani
   Mango and Cherry
   Marie and John
   marilyn and jackie
   Marina and Mary
   Martha and Elizabeth
   marybeth and evy
   Mary and Linda
   Mary O and Annie B
   MC45 and PS60
   Metagrobolized Mike and Perplexed Paul
   mike1 and jan1
   Missy and JonnyB
   MJ and Nancy
   Mom and Andrew
   mumsy and ribsy
   Nancy and Theo
   Naomi and Abby
   Naomi and Haze
   Nettie and Barbara
   Pami1 and Jan1
   Pami2 and Jan2
   pammie and betty
   pam and Jen
   Pam and Mary
   Paul and Brigid
   Paul and Cathy
   paul and clover
   Paul and Jane
   Paul and Noreen
   Peggy and Nanette
   Practicing Paul and Making It Mike
   Rache and Mary
   Randy and Mom
   RIBBY and mumsy
   Robert and Anne
   Robin Wicks and Amy
   Ron and Ronae
   Russ and Myrna
   Ruth McGrath and Molly McGrath
   Sandi and Diane
   Sarah and Amira
   sarah and Amira
   sharon and esther
   sharyn and mark
   sharyn and nancy
   sharyn and rita
   shazza and rivkapenina
   Sherian Patterson and peggy
   Shirley and Julie
   Sickoflosingsuzy and Daveyistoast
   Snoozy peg and Wheel spinner les
   SoClosetoSummer and Enjoyingthespring
   spring and vale
   still notso les and still lucky rox
   SummerIsComing and HeatwaveIsOnTheWay
   Susan and Betsy
   susan and gayle
   sylvia and jan
   Thing 1 and Thing 2
   Tom and Gene
   Tonya and Rita
   Uncle Frank and Joanne
   Uri and Jaclyn
   Vera and Linda
   Virgie and Jeanette
   Virgie and Netti
   ward and correia
   Well beaten and Bingo queen
   Westward Ho and Homeward Bound
   Will and laurizee
   Word Finder Brain and Super Duper Brain
   Yvie and Bella
   zizz and bingobill

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