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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 114 games being played in this room.

   abetsy and Mary
   Alma38 and Denise51
   amumsie and barbi
   anderson and struthers
   andrew and marjean
   andy and lesley
   andy and moira
   Angela and Athlyne
   Anicki and Philip
   Apie and Noot
   Aunt Joan and Roz
   Bella and Mom
   Bernie and Helene
   Betty and Anne
   big B and little B
   Blaidd and Layla
   Brent and Edith
   Bubbly and Champagne
   Carole and Dot
   Carolyn and Mary Ann
   Carolyn and Patti
   Carol and Linda
   cb and jb
   Chris and Grimiest
   Claudia Marlowe and chelsea vaughn
   Claud and Sandy
   D5 2018 Champ to be and D5 Close but no cigar
   Dave and Linda
   David and Margi
   DeanOfFunkaliciousness and TooFunkyForThisGame
   Dean and Mom
   Denise and Rosey
   diana and judy
   Dianne and Nicky
   Dixie and Soxie
   Di bethune and Barb M
   Eileen and Bashir
   elisabeth maria goewie and Michael Wayne Mew
   elisabeth m and Rose
   elis and fio
   Encondada and caravelle
   es and los
   Eunice and Gail
   Florence and Helena
   gabbie and henny
   gail and esther
   Harley and Brian
   Haro Strait and Georgia Strait
   Hazel and Rita
   Helen and Joanne
   hopeful and gamesmart
   Idaho and Washington
   Illtyd and Greg
   jean and nadine
   Jean and Sharon
   Jerry and Peter
   jill and maxine
   JimC and Bob
   Jim and Lois
   joanne and peggy
   Judy and Claire
   judy and deb
   Judy and Michele
   judy and rose
   katha and Elizabeth
   kat and brb
   KDJ and ABD
   Laur Beth and Gail
   Laur Beth and Gail Diane
   lis and doreen
   lis and rose
   Lmhurd and Rtrich
   Lynda and Ena
   MaMa and Dawter
   Marie and Patti
   Mary and Elisabeth
   merman and mikel
   mom and drea
   Mom and Jan
   Mom and Tonya
   Mother and Carl
   Nancy and Linda
   Nancy and Sharyn
   Nina and Bev2
   November and Highssssssssss
   patsgame and faithsgame
   pat and mj
   pea and puffer
   Penny and aDinah
   putdeb and sobdeb
   Rebecca and Phyllis
   Robert and Keith
   Robin Wicks and amy b
   Rochelle and Peg
   Ronae and Ron
   September and Lowsssssssss
   SeriousGamer and Microfilmer
   Sharon and Babe
   Shirley and Julie
   sissy and sweet pea
   Sunshine and Carol
   TheThanksgivingHorizon and IsWIthinSight
   Tonia and Moireen
   Up a ladder and On the beach
   Uri and Helen
   Virginia and Jeanette
   Virginia and Net
   Virginia and Netti
   Virginia and Netti2
   Walt and Krissy
   ZVBOO and MOO
   ZwMOO and BOO
   ZXBOO and MOO
   ZyMoo and Boo

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