Welcome to The Canny Cloister Game Room !

Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 71 games being played in this room.

   Adrienne and Donna
   Air and Go Bra
   Alice and Daisy
   Anicki and Philip
   Ann Noldin and penny
   Beach Lake and Honesdale
   Bett Farber and Victoria Yoshen
   Carol and Lorraine
   carroll and cam
   Chardonnay and Cabernet
   Chris and Hope
   Chris and Stan
   Coughing sneezing etc and Humming on all cylinders
   Deanna and Dorcas
   deedle and ravle
   Denise and Karen
   Donna and Lynne
   Don and Dan
   Dougie and HellnJoy
   Eggs and Bacon
   Frank and Babe
   Gagirl and Hibiscus
   Gaigee and michael rumack
   Gracious High Scorer and Modest Low Scorer
   Gumby and Pokey
   hanni and Frieda Korobkin
   helena and florence
   Hello Jo and Hey san
   Hello Jo and Mom
   irene and marg
   jane and dottie
   Jane J and Chris W
   janice and cathy
   Janie and Marilyn
   Jean and Lorr
   jesuislala and makiki
   Jude and Ellie
   julie and becky
   Kathy and Donna
   Khairoon and Louie
   LawyersGuns and Money
   Lee and Mo
   Lee and Val
   Linda and Chris
   Lisa and Mandy
   losah and winnah
   maree and rickee
   mark and brian
   mark and sharyn
   mary and richard
   mikeb and mommy
   mom and andrew
   Mother Doro and Sister Margo
   Mo and Jack
   noididnt and yesudid
   Petunia and Lily
   Randy and Julia
   richard and mary
   roger and martha
   scrambled and toffees
   sharyn and mark
   she and tricia
   Shirley and Jaruiz
   The Malley and Gail
   tinka goslee and heidi levasseur
   Tom and Jude
   tree and trisha
   Walda and Janni
   Wamer Carol and Colder Bill
   wus and wimp

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