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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 334 games being played in this room.

   Alan and Anne
   AliceAndMary and RajAndKathleen
   andre and amy
   Angela and Macron
   Angela and Susan
   AngelStardust and Adam
   Annette and Mom
   Annie and Christine
   Ann and Sue
   Ann and Susan
   ART1 and FRANK1
   Artist and Numinologist
   Art and Pati
   Auctioneer and GSfriend
   Audrey and Nancy
   Auntie7 and Lyn14
   barbara and andrew
   Barbara and Donna
   Barbara and Karen
   Barb and Pat
   Becky 337 and Reggie 1348
   Beeb and Med
   behove and kecsargo
   Best and Buddies
   Betherz and Gma
   Beth and Peggy
   BETH and Tina
   Betty and Steve
   betty booze and laura liquor
   Bev Anne and Gemma
   Bob11 and Lyn6
   Bonnie Rutta and Linda
   brainiliscious and kathyliscious
   brainyliscious and kathliscious
   Brenda and Marlene
   Brenda and Mike
   Brianh and Kathyc
   Brian and Kathy
   Bruce and Freda
   bushcutter and sassykathy
   Butch and Jim
   Caper Girl and TO Girl
   Carl and Mom
   carolyne and Carol
   Carol and Charlie
   carol and irma
   celeste and kathy
   Charlie Brown and Lucy
   ChrisD and AnnH
   Chris and Yvonne
   Claudette and Janice
   csargoliscious1 and hoveliscious1
   csargoliscious and hoveliscious
   Cute Canine and Fancy Feline
   Cynthia and Sylvia
   Dad and Jo
   Dad and Sian
   Dad and Son
   Darcy and Sue
   Darla and Alfalfa
   Dean and marg
   Debbie and Gina
   debbie and sheila
   debbie and teddy
   Deb and John
   Dee200 and Steve200
   Delsie and Dawn
   Denise and Betty
   diana 11 and denice 12
   Diana 1 and Denice 2
   diddleydan and prettypatti
   djm and rad
   DogLady and DoctorQ
   Donna and wendy
   Dottie and Andie
   Doug and Betty
   Doug and Max
   DS and JD
   Duck wrangler and Donkey tamer
   EllenO and JudyV
   Ellen and Marie
   Ell and Max
   Em and Ma Lills
   Ernestine and Marlene
   Evelyn and Leon
   FabioTheFabulous and SallySuperKitty
   Francesca Overend and Pamela Theilmann
   franny and betty
   fran and helen
   Gail and Pat
   George and Gwen
   Georgia and Marie
   GladysCravitz and SamanthaStevens
   Gloria and Carol
   Gloria and Linda
   Gramma Jocky and Kimbo Bimbo
   Grandma and Connor
   HappyBreathDay and DodgedABulletMomma
   happy birthday and happy birthday to you
   HeadingHomeGreg and AtHomePhil
   Heather and Liz
   Heather and Mara
   Helen and Bobbie
   Helen and shirley
   hovelisious and csargolisious
   Irene and Loopy
   Irene Hovendick and MaryEllen
   irshbo and biuzz
   Jackie and Dot
   Jacqui and Margaret
   james and Grace
   Janet and Cheryl
   Janet and Nancy
   jane and judy
   Janice and Ruth
   Jan and Geoff
   Jeanne and Beth
   Jeanne and Odette
   Jean and Caroline
   Jean and Joanne
   Jean and Judy
   jean m and deb m
   Jeffrey and Ellie
   jeh and PCH
   jen and sal
   Jillly 15 and Patty 15
   Joan and Marg
   John and N
   Joyce and Maxine
   joyce and pat
   joyfulheart and alexasfriend
   joyfulnoise1 and deckfurnitureouter1
   joyfulnoise and bingokind
   joyfulnoise and deckfurnitureouter
   JudeRainy and RainyLyn
   Judith and Jayda
   Judith and Susan
   Judith and ViV
   Judy and Martha
   July 12 and May 14
   karen and valerie
   Kathy and Nina
   Kaye 1 and Mo
   Kaye 2 and Mo
   Kaye 3 and Mo
   Kaye and Mo 11
   Kaye and Mo 2
   Kaye and Mo 3
   Keeping Well Valerie and On the Mend Viviane
   Ken and Lisa
   Lane and Meme
   lane and sherl
   lane and sue
   laraine and jeff
   Laurina and Pauline
   leen and em
   Lee and Ann
   Lesa and Jean
   Linda and Derek
   Linda and Marlene
   Lisa and Georgia
   Liz and Barbara
   LMR and DAY
   loretta and Pearl
   loretta and pearl
   Lyn6 and Bob10
   Lynda and Judy
   Lynda and Lin
   Lynn and Dee
   M31 Eds and M31 C
   Maa Maa Me Yah and Shaa Shaa Sherry
   MAC and JAC
   Maggie and Missy
   Mama and Laurie
   Mare and Karwon
   Margaret 11 and Mary Ann 11
   Margaret 12 and Mary Ann 12
   Margaret 1 and Carol 1
   Margaret 1 and Hope 1
   Margaret 2 and Carol 2
   Margaret 2 and Hope 2
   Margaret 3 and Hope 3
   Margaret 4 and Hope 4
   Margaret 8 and Mary Ann 8
   margaret and Gail
   Margaret and Nancy
   Margaret and Ramona
   margaret and ruth
   Marie and Linda
   Marilyn and Donna
   Marilyn and Nina
   Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller
   Marja and Danna
   mark and kimmie
   Marla and Vicki
   Marlene and Ernesrtine
   Marlene and Loretta
   Marlene and Tommie
   Marlin and Landlubber
   Martha and Judy
   Mary and Alicia
   Mary and Judy
   Mary and Kathy
   Mary and Ruth
   Mary and valerie
   Mary Ann 10 and Margaret 10
   Mary Ann 1 and Margaret 1
   Mary Ann 3 and Margaret 3
   Mary Ann 4 and Margaret 4
   Mary Ann 5 and Margaret 5
   Mary Ann 9 and Margaret 9
   mary may and sharon may
   mastergardner1 and sassykathy1
   mastergardner and sassykathy
   Memaw and Grandmother
   michael and eleanor
   Millie and Lindalee
   Mimi and Terry
   Mirabel and Terrowin
   MJR and DMO
   MJ and Dick
   Mom and Andrew
   Mom and Diane
   MrsG and MrsT
   Mum and Andrew
   Muriel and Bob
   Muriel and Melanie
   NancyL and JudithV
   Nancy and Audrey
   Nancy and Larry
   Norm and Joanne
   Oooooooo and Rrrrrrrrr
   Pam and Kris
   patricia and monika
   Patti and geoff
   Patti and Geoff
   pat and joyce
   pat and liz
   Pat and Louise
   pat creese and stephanie
   paula and eleanor
   Paula and Michal
   Pearl and Loretta
   Pearl and loretta
   peggy and Beth
   Peg and Carolyn
   Peg and Judy
   Peg and Julia
   Penny and Glen
   PeonyPat and WildflowerWill
   Phillipstickler and Kathy
   pinky and perky
   Pixie ingy and Pixie lynbrat
   RainingJude and DrenchedJoan
   rainmaker and raindance
   rataBFF and POOKIE
   Ree and Judy
   Rhodium and Osmium
   Rick and Jen
   Rita and Ann
   Ron and Marina
   Ron and Mary
   Rose and Daisy
   Rosie Stamper and colleen Gorman
   Ruthie and Karan
   Saintly Suzy and Devilish Doris
   Sallye and Marlene
   sandy and Denny
   sandy and Leslie
   sassy1 and Hoover1
   Sassykathy1 and Bingoking1
   sassykathy1 and brainiac
   Sassykathy22 and Bingoking22
   Sassykathy2 and Bingoking2
   Sassykathy and Bingokinf
   sassy and Hoover
   Sharon and Dee
   sharon and judy
   SHaron and Mom
   Sharyn and Cheryl
   Sharyn and Donna
   sherry and geoff
   Sherry and Geoff
   shirlo and venita
   Shooshie and Lissher
   shutterbug and gardener
   Silly Suzy and Daffy Doris
   Singing Suzy and Dancing Doris
   Singing Suzy and Dancng Doris
   Sister Dot and Sister Peg
   sitable and patient
   Snazzy Suzy and Decorative Doris
   snowshoveler and sassykathy
   Sometimes Suzy and Daily Doris
   Soozie and Doozie
   STeve and LInda
   sunshine and moonshine
   SuperbSally and SupremeRocky
   Superman and WonderWoman
   Susan and Kafleen
   S and P
   TennisJude and SleepyLyn
   Thunder and Lightning
   Tommie and Marlene
   try again tembo and KH the winner
   Tutuwins and Billyloses
   VENITA SAMPSON and shirlo
   Veronica and Reggie
   Vic and Sian
   viginia and judy
   vince2 and ken2
   Virginia and Jane
   viviane and ellie
   Vonne and Kathie
   Web Woman and Jeffrey
   Wendy and Betty
   wernette and lurlane
   WonderWoman and SuperGirl
   YamahaA and PammyA
   yardfixerupper1 and sassykathy1
   yardfixerupper and sassykathy
   Yea and Boo hoo
   Yorkshire bound and Colfaxian
   Zoe and Lori

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