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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 414 games being played in this room.

   aBig Sissy and lil sissy
   aGramma Jock and Kimbo Bimbo
   aGramma Jock and Robin
   aLeary and Carlson
   ALEX GAME 10 and LIZ GAME 10
   Alice and Carrie
   Alicia and Karen T
   Alinda and Mom
   Allie and marg
   All fixed and Mr patient
   Al and Irene
   amy and andrre
   andie and dottie
   andre and amy
   Andy274P and Paul274P
   Angela and Jean
   AngelDriver and RockHunter
   AngelStardust and Adam
   Anne and Eleanor
   Annie and Ena
   Ann and Chris
   ART9A and FRANK9A
   Arthur Smith and Pati
   Aunt Beth and Polly
   aVirgie and Robin
   Avirg and Kathy
   aVirg and Robin
   Bad Back Betty and Lovely Lungs Laura
   BARBARAK and JudithV
   Barbara and Judith
   Barbara and Karen
   Barbara and Susan
   Barb and Jackie
   Barb and Joan
   Barb and Lynda
   Beatrice and Eileen
   Beth and Janet
   Betty and Denise
   Beverley and Brian
   BIG sissy and lil sissy
   Bill and Patti
   bonniebonnie and Tim
   Bonnie and Linda
   Bonnie Rutta and l
   Brenda and Mike
   Bro and Sis
   Bunny and Brigitte
   CAG and BLC
   Caroline and Dot
   CarolK and MarieA
   Carol and Ellie
   carol frohlich and Mary martha weiner
   Cathy and Laura
   celeste and kathy jones
   ChristmasJude and FestiveLyn
   Chris and Ann
   ChromeTourmaline and LapisLazuli
   chs and elle
   Cindy and Pearl
   Claudette and Ben
   ColorfulCarole and SparklySuzy
   Constance and BeeGee
   Constance and Patti
   Constance and Penny
   Conzo71 and Zimmie
   CornChowderForLunch and CornOnTheCobForDinner
   Courtney and Joe
   Cuzmarge and Cuzjan
   dad and molly
   Daughter and Mom
   Dave and Suze
   David and John
   debbie and teddy
   Declutterer and Deglazer
   Dee and Sharon
   den and bIL
   diana 15 and denice 16
   Diane and Lois
   Diane and Sherry
   Dianne and Dodie
   Dina and Amanda
   DismalDapperDan and PositivePerkyPatti
   dodo and tuco
   DogLady and DoctorQ
   Donna and Jody
   Donna and Lu
   Donna and Trish
   Donna C and Eva
   Donner and Blitzen
   Doreen and Noeline
   Doris and John
   Dot and Patti
   Doug and Betty
   Drink It All Up and Soak It All In
   Drumming on the Beach and Strolling to the theatre
   Edith and Steve
   ejij and jet
   Elizabeth and Carolyn
   Ellie and Jeffrey
   Ellie and Viviane
   Ell and Max
   Emily and Eileen
   em and leen
   Epopeus and Epigoni
   Fragrant Francis and Bouquet Bennet
   Frosty and Rudolph
   Fruitbat and Jim Bob
   Gail and Dody
   Gates and Greece
   Geri and Vivian
   Ginnie and Anne
   Gin and Dor
   Glen and Dave
   Glen and Helen
   Glen and Jane
   gloria and mimi
   gobble and gobblegobble
   GoodBeginningGreg and LadyNelsonLorrie
   grain train and dust buster
   gram2kam and pappyt80
   Grant and Pamela
   Gypsy and Kathy
   Happy New Year and Feliz ano nuevo
   Heather and Karen Klisko
   Helen and Patti
   helen and valerie
   hovelicious100 and csargoliscious100
   hove and csargo
   ItsRainingMen and Hallelujah
   J26 or F Katie and J26 or F Keith
   Janet and Cheryl
   Janet and Rose
   Jane and Barb
   jane and judy
   Jane and Kath
   JanJude and JoanJan
   Jan and Arlene
   Jan and Marcy
   Jan and Patti
   Jeannette3 and Lyn12
   Jeanne and Linda
   Jeannie46 and Jangles57
   Jean and Carolyn
   Jean and Chris
   Jean and Helen
   Jean F and Jean C
   jeff and laraine
   JFF16 and VG12
   Jill and Patti
   Jim and Gay
   John and Dean
   john and mary
   Josie and Carol
   Joyce and Bill
   Joyce and Maxine
   joyce and pat
   Judith and Marion
   judyj and edmarian
   judy and virginia
   Judy Up a 3 and Viviane 3 in a Row
   julia and Paula
   Julia Frank and Eileen Sirota
   Julie and Sue
   July and February
   June and Doreen
   J and K
   Karen and Betts
   Karen and Sally
   Kate and John
   kate and liz
   Kath9 and jo13
   Katheee and Brianee
   Kathier and Brianier
   Kathiest100 and brianest100
   Kathiest1111 and brainiest1111
   Kathiest111 and brainiest111
   Kathiest11 and brainiest11
   Kathleen and Brian
   kathlicious and hoveliscious
   kathodle and brianodle
   kathy6 and celeste6
   kathy and brian
   kathy and mary
   Katie and Christine
   Kaye 1 and Mo
   Kaye 2 and Mo
   Kaye 3 and Mo
   Kaye and Mo 1
   Kaye and Mo 2
   Kaye and Mo 3
   ka and mc
   Ken2 and vince2
   Ken and Jackie
   Kitty and Peggy
   Kristen Hopson and Ikey
   Lanie and Meme
   Larry and Mary
   Larry Parsons and Marth
   lee and mom
   Lee Pieper and Ann WOlf
   Leon and Evelyn
   Leo and Nina
   Lesa J and Terry B
   lightsputerupper and bakersassy
   Lilly and John
   Linda and Aileen
   Linda and DEREK
   Linda and Gin
   Linda and Gloria
   linda and patti
   linda gilson and shirley Lovish
   Lin and Kake
   Liz and Barbara
   Liz and Bill
   LMR and DAY
   Lois and Janie
   Lois and Steve
   loretta and marlene
   loretta and pearl
   Lorna and Lynn
   lou and pat
   Lu and Jackie
   Lyn12 and Bob4
   Lynda and Lynn
   Lynne and Carol
   Lynne and Carolyne
   lynn and valerie
   maggie and missy
   Maggie and Missy
   Magnificent and Btrilliant
   Majaf and JuDu
   MARGARETj 1 and Mary Ann 1
   Margaret 10 and Mary Ann 10
   Margaret 11 and Mary Ann 11
   Margaret 12 and Mary Ann 12
   Margaret 1 and Hope 1
   Margaret 2 and Hope 2
   Margaret 3 and Hope 3
   Margaret 4 and Hope 4
   Margaret 5 and Mary Ann 5
   Margaret 7 and Mary Ann 7
   Margaret 8 and Mary Ann 8
   Margaret and Carolyn
   Margaret and Jessica
   Margaret and Penny
   Margaret and Ruth
   Margaret and Shaye
   Margaret j 6 and Mary Ann 6
   Margy and Michele
   Marian and Mindy
   Marilyn and Donna
   Marilyn and Umi
   marion and kathy
   marjorie and linda
   mark and kimmie
   Marlene and Brenda
   Marlene and Loretta
   Marlene and Mildred
   Marlene and pearl
   Marlene and Susan
   Marny and Kelly
   Marrge and Nell
   Martha and Jeff
   Martha and Judy
   Maryjo and Dolly
   Mary and David
   mary and sue
   Mary Ann 2 and Margaret 2
   Mary Ann 3 and Margaretj 3
   Mary Ann 9 and Margaret 9
   Maureen and Sandy
   MD and LL
   Megan and AJ
   Mel and Juanita
   Memaw and Lady
   merrychristmasjoanne and happynewyearsteph
   MerryChristmas and HappyNewYear
   me and he
   Me and Mum
   ME and YOU
   Michael Robinson and eleanor
   mike and Fred
   Mike and Gail
   Mike and Jane
   Mildred and Pearl
   mimi and gloria
   mimi and terry
   mimi and tim
   Minnesota and Michigan
   MissCarole and Golden Momma
   Miss Carole and Barb
   MJ and Lorel
   MJ and Squint
   MOMB and wrc72
   Mom and Britton
   mom and Sharon
   mom and sherry
   Mom and Sue
   Muriel and Bob
   Nancy Y and Nancy B
   nansea and judith
   Nan and Dina
   Ne2 and Day
   NewJude and YearLyn
   New Years Eve and New Years
   N and jr
   Off on Her Travels Viviane and Happy at Home Valerie
   Olly and Rob
   OnDancerOnPrancerOnAlice and OnCometOnCupidOnRaj
   Pam and Leah
   Patri24 and Valli38
   Patti and Geoff
   Patti and Jenny
   Patti and Mary Ann
   Pat 1 and Margaret 1
   Pat 2 and Margaret 2
   Pat and Barbara
   pat and liz
   pat matz and joyce
   Pat NJ and Kris GA
   Paula and Rosalyn
   pauline and mum
   pearl and Loretta
   Pearl and Mildred
   Peggy and Beth
   Peg and Judy
   Penny and Cat
   Penny and Jeff
   Pipped Again and Pipper Extrordinaire
   Priscilla and Victoria
   ProfessionalDogSitter and ComingToVisitTomorrow
   Rain and Acomin
   Ready to fly 2 SIN Viviane and Photos 2 See Judy
   RingDemBells and LetTheBallDrop
   Rita and Ann
   Ronald Craven and Marina
   Rosie and Colleen
   Rozo and Cozo
   Ruth and Barbara
   Ruth and Joyce
   Sally and Lynn
   Sal purple and Peter purple
   Sal summer and Peter summer
   Sal winter and Peter winter
   Sandy and Ferne
   sassy10 and brainy10
   sassylicious and hoveliscious
   Scott and arlene
   September Suzy and December Doris
   sharon and diane
   Sharon and Ginny
   Sharon and Mom
   Sharon Thelma and Mary Louise
   Sherline and Lanie
   Sherrie Zavala and Loonie
   Shingles Survivor and Busy Babs
   Silly Suzy and Daffy Doris
   Sleepy writer and Keen Collector
   SnowAndMountains and RainAndMud
   SoggyJude and RainyLyn
   Sometimes Suzy and Daily Doris
   Sonja and Gail
   So Long 2018 and Welcome 2019
   Spry Suzy and Deft Doris
   steph and kay
   Steve and Betty
   Steve and Linda
   Steve and Paul
   Sue and Edie
   sunnydays39 and brianliscious
   sunnydays and brianliscious
   Sunshine and Hurryup
   superdupersundaeone and superduperhoagieone
   SuperFabio and SuperSally
   Super Sue and Remarkable Randi
   Susanne and Eva
   Sweeping Suxy and Dusting Doris
   S as in Suzy and D as in Doris
   Ted and Deb
   tina and Beth
   tina and ruud
   TONI and EJ
   Tutu and Papa
   valerieislearningtoscanpics and viviane is flying away
   Valerie and Pets and Viviane and Needles
   Valerie Cold in Pug and Viviane Hot in Sin
   Val and FI
   Vic and Nick
   Vic and Sian
   Vince2 and ken2
   Vince and Ken
   Virginia and Carolyne
   Viviane at 1 with the game and Judy Number 1 Winner
   Viviane Looking for a Win and Judy 3 in a Row grrrr haha
   Vonne and June
   waywaywayway and boxedin
   Web Woman and Jeffrey
   Wendy and Freda
   White Bells and Kris Christmas
   Winner Hooray and Loser Boo Hoooo
   Winter 1353 and Sunshine 297
   Zarb and Zali

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