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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 178 games being played in this room.

   Able and Willing
   AB MJ and JM
   aDog and MizJoyce
   Airhead and Groundhog
   Ajan and Tom
   alison and dad
   Andy Taylor and Aunt Bea
   annette and tony
   Anne and Marg
   AppleNut and ClippingGuy
   Arlene and Jan
   Arlene and Karen
   A Jason and Les Ok
   barb and lomo
   barb and paul
   Bashir and Eileen
   Betty and Irene
   Bev and Terry
   Biden2020 and Mamacita108
   Biden2020 and PEKdart
   BK and JH
   Blueberry Star and Patio Mason
   Bobbi and Dorcas
   Bonnie Rutta and Marcia
   Brent and Edith
   bruce and jeff
   Bud and Lou
   bwb and srb
   Caleb and Roberta
   Carol and Loraine
   chrissy and pete
   Clara and Ali
   daboss and daserf
   Darlene Sanderson and Barb Contin
   debby and rebecca
   Deborah and Rick
   Diane Altmann and Kim
   Diane and Jenny
   diane and phyllis
   Disazaing and Reazaing
   Doofus and Gaseous
   Dorthy Brown and Sandra Koop
   Earl of Gloucester and Regan
   Edith and Sue
   elisabeth and mgour
   elisa and debby
   Ellie and Jeffrey
   emptying waste baskets and firing off orders
   Faith and Jerry
   Fancy Pants and Simple Sweats
   ganny and cathy
   gina and nana
   glb and llb
   Greg and Illtyd
   Hannah and Penny
   Harriet and Marcy
   heidi leVasseur and john hawkins
   Helen and Rich
   Hiker108 and Pekdart
   Iconcededforyou and miseryfinallyover
   Irene and MARIE
   jack and jerry
   James and Mina
   Jamie and Mum
   Jane Jackson and bob jackson
   Jane Jackson and Chris W
   Jane Jackson and stan w
   janice and cathy
   janvier and decembre
   jbenson and kmckeon
   jean and margery
   Jeffreyj and Web Woman
   jeffrey and ellie
   JH and TJ
   Joan and nort
   Joel and Dad
   Joey and Dad
   Joey and Gary
   John and Pamela
   john f donahue and jerry ferguson
   Jon and Dad
   Joyce and mike
   j and b
   LadyHalfWay and LordEight
   Laura and KARENY
   Linda and Jennifer
   Lorri and Joyce
   Lynda and Rebecca
   Lynne and Julie
   Mamacita108 and Hiker108
   Mamie and Lani
   Mamo and Merb
   Margaret and Ann
   Marg and Alene
   martin and john
   Martin and Mark
   Marty and Phyllis
   Mary Alice and Susan
   Mary Lou and Tommy
   michael and kat
   Michael Conway and indumati
   Mike and David
   mom and David Powers
   Mom and Tee
   Mom and Tom
   Muriel and Bob
   Muriel and John
   Muriel and Leo
   Myrna Loy and William Powell
   nancy and roger
   Neowise and Hale bop
   oakman and cbpete
   Office Worker Peg and Bingo Les
   Orlando and Rosalind
   patticakes and marybaby
   Paula and Shana
   paul and barb
   Paul and John
   Pdd and Dla
   Pekdart and SuperBiden
   Perry Mason and Della Street
   Peter15 and Mike15
   Philip and Jenny
   planet108 and pekdart1
   Planter Boy and Still Sleeping
   Pop Corner and Cheez Curl
   Queen Of Comebacks and King Of Humidity
   Rebecca and Lynda
   Rebecca P and Lynda G
   Rhoda and Corinne
   Rita and Joan
   robert j brock and Bart
   robin and amy
   rob 1 and charbar 1
   rob 2 and charbar 2
   rockymtnhigh and californiadreaming
   Roe and Mary Ann
   Ronae and Ron
   Rosemary Goldford and vicky meguire
   Ros and Kerry
   Sally127 and Reva26
   Samaras and Dandelion Fluff
   Sharon and Coetta
   Shelley and Bailey
   Sheri and Carol
   she SHARP and tricia
   Shirley and Dorothy
   Shirley Swan and Audrey Balfour
   Shoeless Joe and Lovely Lolita
   Socially distant in Charlotte and Socially distant in CH
   Sonya and Jessica
   sorryaboutthat and whathappenedMOM
   Stephen Felson and knoop
   Steven and Edith
   stillnochance and bigoMOMwinsagain
   stilltryinghard and maineMOMstillwins
   sue m and kathy
   Surger and Sinker
   Susan and Anne
   Susan and Dorothy
   susan and steve
   susa and anna
   suzuki and annuki
   sweety and heatry
   thirdhot and hotthird
   Titmouse and Papi
   Tray and Cat
   Unimom and Bingo
   Vine and Angiers
   Virgil and Ron
   VI Bill 75 and Denise 49
   Web Woman and Jeffrey
   zizz and bingobill
   Zoe and Ian

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