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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 226 games being played in this room.

   AB JM and MJ
   AB MJ and JM
   ajan and Tom
   Alison and Amanda
   Alone and Solo
   AL and AJ
   amy and dee
   amy and tom harris
   anne and mark
   Arlene and Karen
   Arnie and David
   Art and Janice
   Art and Linda
   Asusan and Ateresa
   A 7 and R 4
   Balloons and Kites
   Barb and Lynda
   Bashir and Eileen
   Belinda Aboody and Norma Withers
   betsy and susan
   Bett Farber and Victoria Yoshen
   Bev and Terry
   big sis and lil sis
   Bikingboypete and Walkingmandip
   bill priest and shane Wilson
   Bink and Carol
   Bink and Janice
   Bonnie Rutta and Marcia
   bruce and jeff
   Calum and Nati
   Cathy Gruber and Gretchen Spicer
   Celine and Janine
   charlotte and CH
   Christine and Sandra
   Chris W and Patty F
   Clare and Ed
   CLARE BARRINGTON and Ali Groves
   Corabelle and Melaniebelle
   Correia and Ward
   Cyril and Bob and Arnold
   Cy and Scott
   DAD and Alexandra
   Dad and Kid
   dag and rash
   Dawnie and Hoze
   debby and elisa
   debby and rebecca
   Deborah and Rick
   DEB and DONNA
   Deg and Resh
   Dig and Rish
   Doris and detta
   Doris and WYG
   doubleamazing and notallthatclose
   Doug and Fred
   Dr Jeph and Alex
   Ed and Clare
   Ed and Mom
   elisabeth and mgour
   Ellie and Anita
   Ellie and Jeffrey
   Emily and Mum
   esther and sharon
   Evy and Mary Beth
   Faith and Jerry
   fenetres and fleurs
   fever and drycough
   Flora and Cydrax
   Gar and Dsw
   Gedalia and Deborah
   gina and Nana
   glb and jpb
   glb and llb
   Graeme and Viviane
   Gregory Peck and Patricia
   Greg and Illtyd
   Guga and Yevgeny
   Hamlet and Ophelia
   Hart and Joyce
   Henman and Federer
   Hit the North and The Beautiful South
   Holly Hermit and Rhonda Recluse
   homelyn and homemarg
   Howzitdip and Whasuppete
   Ian and Zoe
   i won and you will win
   jane and tracy
   Jane Jackson and Lynn P
   Jane Jackson and Nan J
   Jane Jackson and stan w
   Jay and Bud
   Jean and gerry
   Jeffrey and Web Woman
   JJR and LittleJJ
   Joanne and Fred
   Joey and Dad
   John and Martin
   John and Pamela
   john and rebecca
   John and Stephen
   John Wilkinson and The Bee
   Jonathan and Dad
   Josee Lacroix and PennyStuart
   Joyce and Lorri
   Judy Hyde and bett farber
   Julie and Annelies
   Karen and LAURA
   Karen and Mary
   Karen and Sickie steph
   Kate BARBER and Leslee Goldsmid
   Kathy and Yvonne
   kay and jeanine
   King of Close One and Queen of Luck
   kristen1 and kristen2
   Lara and Erwin
   Laurie at home and Andree also at home
   Leo and Nina
   Loopy and Dippy
   LPN and RRT
   lynda and Sandi
   Maey and Miss Mackenzie
   Mamie and Lani
   Manon and Henry
   Marge and Alene
   Margi and Paul
   Margo and Jenny
   Marg and Anne
   Marianne and Joy
   martha and jeff
   Martin2 and Mark
   martini and john
   Marybaby and Patticakes
   Mary Brady and Nadia
   Mary Jo and Nyra
   Mary Lou and Tommy
   May and June
   Mea and Culpa
   Melinda and Jeff
   Melly and Dilly
   Me and Mum
   Michael and Gaelle
   michael and kat
   Michael and Mom
   Michael Conway and Indumati Conway
   mic and paul
   Mike and Michele
   Mike and Sheryl
   mizJoyce and aDog
   Mom and Bailey
   Mom and Dean
   Mom and Sarah
   mom and tammy
   mor and les
   M and J
   M and P
   Nancy and Sandy
   Nathan and Laure
   Oops and Sorry
   Pantagruel and Polyanna
   PatientZero and CoronatheFirst
   Patsy and Leo
   Pat and Bec
   Paul and John
   Paul Coates and Sian Basker
   Peeweelooser and Graciewinner
   Peter6 and Mike6
   rae and jack H
   Rebecca and Lynda
   Rebecca and Lyndell
   Rita and Joanj
   RL and KL
   Robin and Tulip
   robin w and amy
   Ron and Ronae
   Ron and Virgil
   Rose and Bailey
   Roshy and Doggy
   R and Y
   Sal and Marg
   Sharon and Coetta
   Sharon and Jean
   Sharon Fitzpatrick and rosemary
   Sharon Fitzpatrick and Rosemary
   Shelley and Bailey Rudnick
   Shelter and In place
   sheltietwo and asil88
   Shirley Swan and Robert Swan
   Shoeless Joe and Lovely Lolita
   Siegel Sunlight and Summit Starlight
   SNB and NB
   Snowdrop and Crocus
   solidsecondagain and stillBINGOqueen
   Spencer and Boone
   Squeaky and Squeaker
   Squirrel and Budgie
   Stephen and Janice
   Still working and Dog Sitter
   Sunny day and Rainy day
   susalou and annalou
   susuki and annuki
   Teenie and mom
   terie and gail
   thatwasclose and slimBINGOwin
   thirdgenerationback and stillBINGO queen
   threeLyn and threemarg
   tom harris and Amy
   Tom Walker and Anna Karenina
   Toots and Joan
   Trudy and Maxene
   twolyn and twomarg
   Unprecedented and Unpresidented
   Valda Langton and Pat Holton
   val and den
   velitchka and Denny
   virginia and judy Ferguson
   VI Bill 51 and Denise 27
   yn and aj
   zizz and bingobill

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