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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 79 games being played in this room.

   adelle and etta
   alf and sans
   Arlene and jan
   Barbara and Dianne
   Becky and Julie Jane
   Bedtime and UpAllNight
   Bev1 and Nina
   Candy and Sandra
   Charley and Hope
   Claudia Marlowe and Nordie Sundberg
   Corny and Bryce
   Crizzler and Shizzler
   D229 and T196
   Dad and Ali
   Dawter and MaMe
   Dean and Valerie
   Diana and Ruth
   DollyDrubbing and RyanRimshots
   Dorothy and Gillian
   esther and brenda
   EuniceEruption and StarringSammy
   Flora and Cydrax
   freddie and carole
   Frederick and Henry
   Gwendolyn and Chris
   Harriet and Marcy
   Heather and Kelli
   heidi levasseur and john hawkins
   Jane and Barb
   Janice and arlene
   Jeannie and Dee
   Jennifer and Barbara
   Jill and Maxine
   Joanie and Andrea
   John and Norah
   John and Paula
   Joyce and Chelms
   Judy and Fran
   Kathleen and Nancy
   katie m and judy p
   Kim and Edith
   Kim and Mom
   Linka and Ninka
   Lin and Pam
   Lynn and Ann
   Marge and Madge
   Maria and Theresa
   Marie and Patti
   Marilynn and Sally Ann
   Marty and Barbara
   MB and PB
   mike and judy
   mike and sean
   mike and terry
   mom and me
   Nina and Bev2
   Noreen and Paul
   Normie and Bertie
   Norm and Bert
   otis and duke
   Pam and Mary
   Pieces and Aries
   Putt and Sobo
   RAD and SAD
   Ruth and Laraine
   Sally23 and Reva4
   Sallyg and Sueh
   sharon and donna Macintyre
   smoothe and creamy
   sorrybuttinsky and rachetuppers
   sst and jcl
   Tony and Barbara
   Virginia Ham and Maine Lobster
   Viv and Kathy
   Walter and Linda
   Wanda and Roni
   yvie and bella

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