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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 143 games being played in this room.

   andy223p and paul223p
   Anicki and Philip
   Anne and Elizabeth
   Anne Collie and Michele Munro
   Audrey and Ellie
   Audrey and Fiona
   A working gal and A retired gal
   Barbara and Carol
   Barb Studer and Betty
   betty and Carol
   Betty Jane and Deb
   BGSU and TU
   Bonnie and David
   Buttons and Boots
   Carole and Susan
   Carol and Paula
   Catherine and Poppy
   champ and oon
   Charlene and maryjo
   Chetty and Cindy
   chris and john
   Claudia Marlowe and Nordie Sundberg
   coco and sandy
   colleen and jac
   Cough and Mixture
   Courtney and Joe
   Cutlet and Cutelet
   Cy and Scott
   Daddio and Mol
   Dad and Deb
   David and Margot
   David Lester and Judith Johnson
   Dawn and Wendy
   deb and fran
   deb and Nort
   deb and nort
   Dogmother and Grandmother
   donna and celia
   Earl Grey and Tastes Like Soap
   Eleanor and Elisabeth
   Eleanor and Pam
   Eleanor and Pamela
   Fish and Soup
   gail and june
   Grace and Ona
   Gram and Marten
   Grandma Peewee and Grandma tobe Gracie
   Helene and Bernie
   Hilary and Eva
   hippotwo and squirelltwo
   Illtyd and Greg
   Ira and Kathy
   irene and betty
   jab and job
   Jack and Rae
   jan and tammy
   Jan Brown and Glenda Brooks
   jcl and sst
   Jeanee and Gerry
   Jeanee and Laurie
   jean and sol
   jeff and martha
   Jenni and Luanne
   jezebel and jamboozled
   jill and miriam
   js and lg
   Judy and Martha
   judy and mike
   judy p and deb o
   jujubee and sassy1
   June and Sue
   karenoid and allenoid
   kaREN and DIane
   Kathryn Gundry and Ora Walz
   KathyK and JulieK
   Kathy and Dory
   KentInTheMiddle and SusieTheBlankQueen
   kim and kim2
   lalapalooza and makikii
   Lanny and Riet
   Laurie and Bine
   Lolo and Emers
   loseysuzy and dwins2much
   Lucy and Dad
   Lynne and Renate
   Maggie and Dick
   Mag and Lee
   Marie and Nel
   Marilyn and Janie
   Marion and Janet
   martha and ellen
   Mary and Pat
   Mary and Ruth
   Mary Lou and Tommy
   Mary O and Annie B
   MelissaLovesYou and Bruce
   Meredith and Kathi
   me and linda
   mikki and sandi
   Minta and Kay
   MOL and MAMA
   Mom and Glenn
   Mom and Kevin
   Monia and Noria
   Moony and Nortles
   Mooples and Noodles
   Mortles and Nirtles
   Mum and Liz
   Mum and Sarah
   Nancy and Mike
   noitz and moitz
   oldone and birthdaygirl
   P38 and Jellybeans
   Pamela and John
   Pamm and Barbaraa
   Pat and Eileen
   paul and theresa
   Peggy and Kathy
   PTM and CMN
   QuebecBound and TorontoAutumn
   QuebecBound and TorontoFall
   Roberta and Susan
   Roe and Mary Ann
   Rosie and Uncle George
   Ruth and Roger
   Sally95 and Reva15
   Sandy and Jim
   sassy2 and jujubee
   Sassy 1 and jujubee1
   Saundra and Joann
   Senate and House
   Sheila and Pat
   Shelley and Luu
   shirley and dan
   Shirley and Julie
   Shirley and Pamela
   Shirley Swan and Jeanne Bicheno
   spot and jillwit
   Sue and June
   Sue and Mom
   Susan and Laura

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