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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 116 games being played in this room.

   Ana and Atl
   Angela and Joyce
   Annelies and Donna
   Ann and Drew
   Babe and Paul
   Barb and Rob
   Barb Teskey and diane
   Beatrice and Eileen
   Beatrice and Fiona
   betsy and susan
   Bett and Jean
   Bett Farber and Jean Prema
   Bev and Sandra
   Binx and Eccles
   blower pusher and snow shoveler
   Bob 246 and Loup 333
   Bob and Elena
   Bogota and Lima
   Bonnie and Mama
   Brooksie and Brownie
   Cal and East
   Carl and Carlotta
   Cathy and Jo
   Cathy and Judge
   Cathy and Paul
   Cathy and Sparky
   Chiefs and Niners
   Colombia and Peru
   Consistency is theLast Ref uge and Of the Unimaginative
   Cora and Judy
   DeeDee and Anne
   Denise and Paulette
   Dorothy and Annie
   EM and JH
   Erhel and Gail
   Esther White and Linda
   Every Saint Has a Past and Every Sinner Has a Future
   First Fit and Second Fit
   Harriet and Marcy
   Helen and Joanne
   HellnJoy and Dougie
   HR FightingACold and Terry Jan18
   HR IdesOfJanuary and Jimbo Jan 15
   HR lostbigtime and Jimbo Jan28winner
   HR MLKDay and Terry Jan20
   Ingrid Wegner and janey
   It Is Well To Remember That and NothingWorthKnowingCanBeTaught
   I Have Simple Tastes and Always Satisfied With the Best
   Janet and Susan
   Jerry Ann and Lolita Mae
   Jim and Beth
   JL and SA
   Judy and Suzy
   Julie and Dorothy
   kathy and liz
   Krista and Susan
   Louise and Dottie
   Loup 332 and Bob 246
   Loup 334 and Bob 246
   Lyddie and Maether
   Madame and Monsieur
   Mandy and Ginny
   Marilyn and Ethel
   mariner and east
   Mariner and East
   me and wendy
   Milly and Molly
   milly and molly
   Momecoyote and Zizz
   Mom and Andrew
   Muriel and Melanie
   M and R
   nancy and gail
   NC and IL
   Newsflasher and Gardencoaster
   oatmeal peach muffins and Thai carrot soup
   OMA and LINDA
   oma and linda
   Packing for Riding Mountain and Snowshoeing and food and wine
   pac and marl
   pat and irene
   Paul 632A and Andy 632A
   Paul 633A and Andy 633A
   Paul 634A and Andy 634A
   Paul 635A and Andy 635A
   Pippa and Ronnie
   Rise and Shine
   rita and pam
   Robert and Elena
   Robert versus Ma Bell and Patience Patience Patience
   Rog squeakedoneout and SPD Jan21
   Romeo and Juliette
   Ronnie and Pip
   Rosey and Linda
   Sarah and Mom
   Scott and MJ
   Sheila and Sandra
   silverdale WA and seaside OR
   SueH and CarolynS
   Sue and Peter
   Sue and Wanda
   Susan and Beatrice
   Susan and Betsy
   Susan Cav and Pat
   Sylvia Ramsey and Joyce Locket
   tree and pee
   TryingtoCatchaBreakSue and TakinitEasyandPackingMelin
   Vic and Jessica
   Virginia and Joyce
   washington and oregon
   Wendy and Ursula
   WhatToDoWithGoodAdvicePassItOn and Its Never Of Use To Oneself
   Windy city and Emerald city
   You Can Never Be Overdressed and Or Overeducated

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