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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 127 games being played in this room.

   abet and ajan
   Ajan and Abet
   Alene and Ann
   amik and ajan
   anby and mobly
   angie and jacquie
   anita and marco
   anita and mollita
   anita and susita
   Anita Levin and Ruth McGrath
   annabelle and carolcaro
   anna and marco
   anna and susi
   annedorbien and mollschlafengut
   Arabella and Mandryka
   Ariadne and Bacchus
   Aug 3 or 2 Eds and Aug 3 or 2 Katie
   Barbara and Susan
   bera and tiago
   Bere and Tia
   betsy and susan
   Betty and Suzy
   BoBo and PoPo
   bourbon and vodka
   brenda and esther
   Brigitte and Gillian Keeley
   Brooksie and Dodgie
   Calendarjessie and Catwalkqueen
   carole and freddie
   carol and margaret
   Cat and Jay
   chardoney and Merlot
   Charlotta and Jean the Queen
   chris and kay
   chris and sue
   CiCi and Jillsey
   Cindy and Dean
   claudia and gail
   Claud and EJ
   Coco and Jojo
   Daphne and Wendy
   David the Indomintable and Arnold the aged and weary
   Dil and Mil
   Donna and Margaret
   Ellen Rabun and Irene
   First US Gymnastics and Now US Figure Skating
   Flowers Helen and Vegetables Tom
   gedi and deborah
   Ginny and Mandy
   Gisele and Mary Ann
   Gisele and Walt
   Gretchen and Poopsie
   gus and linda
   Helen and Sylvia
   Ira and Karhy
   Ireme and Tracy
   Janice and SH
   Janis and Paula
   Jan and Karen
   Jean and Lorr
   Jen and Jess
   JLee and CJane
   Joyce and Sylvia
   Jude and Ellie
   JuleRee and AnnKlet
   Karen and Arlene
   Kathy and Wendy
   Kaye and Gretchen
   KC and Sue
   leila and marg
   Linda and Sherri
   Lola and Lolita
   Lorrie and Peggy
   Louise and Mary
   Lynnmh and Rhiantr
   Madge and Mary rose
   Marcia and Kelli
   markela and annela
   martha and ellen
   Martini and Dubonet
   mary and mary martha
   Michele and Nettie
   MM and Mary Pat
   Molligugenflofen and Annigugenheifen
   MO and PAT
   Mum and Liz
   Nonnie and Gisele
   Nonnie and GiseleP
   Nonnie S and Gisele
   Odabella and Despina
   pamela and pammie
   pammie and pamela
   Pam and Mary
   Patsy and Elsie
   pelican and swan
   Penny and Laraine
   pgramma and sgrampa
   pgramm and sgrampa
   phyllis and lise
   phyllllllll and stuuuuuu
   Poopsie and Gretchen
   Rae and Suzie
   RB nesting and CH country living
   RB nesting and Froofy visiting
   Robin and Luise
   rogers and imsland
   Ronae and Ron
   Roni and Wanda
   Rosey and Denise
   Rose and Monica
   russell and flower
   sandyM and judyI
   sandy and judy
   SAND and CAND
   Sheri and Jill
   Sherry wallace and Bonnie Schulz
   sixofone and halfdozenoftheother
   Stephen Felson and knoop
   Steph and Vickie
   SueH and Carolyn S
   Sue and Jane
   Susan and Ingrida
   Two Rivers and Grafton
   unimom and bingobill
   Vera and Adinahdd4
   Vernie Lou and ToniGigi
   World Traveler and Sierra Summer

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