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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 161 games being played in this room.

   Abby and Nancy
   Adinahsb and Faye
   adinahsb and Joan
   adinah sb1 and Penny
   aDinah sb2 and Kevin
   Adinah sb2 and Phillip
   adinah sb4 and Annette
   adinah sb and Kevin
   adinah tc2 and Vera
   Alice and Carole
   Alice North and Alan Harry
   Alice North and Joan West
   almostHalloweenJim and MarsOctober
   amumsie and barbi
   amyWantsToPlay and ChrisIsAbusyGirl
   Angela and Joyce
   arlene and rita
   A Shirt and An Uss
   BarbaraAnn and Dale
   berta and diane
   Brian and Harley
   Brian and Mark
   brother dave and poor juds
   bubble shooter and free cell
   Carole and Linda
   Carole and Ruth
   Caroline and Brian
   carolyn and carolynn
   carolyn and dorothy
   Carolyn and Sue
   carroll and cam
   Cindy and Joyce
   Claud and EJ
   clover and paul
   Connie and Dad
   Dad and Connie
   Dale and Christine
   Dave and Ollie
   David and Penny
   Deb and Elaine
   Diane M Daubendiek and Judy Meyer
   di and na
   Dopey peg and Clever Les
   Doug and Vicki
   Eileen and Ellie
   Eileen and Mary
   esther and sharon
   fresh start and new leaf
   furl and squitter
   Gayle and Jean
   ggg and jjj
   Gillie and Tess
   gisele and val
   Gisele and Walt
   gisele and walt
   Gretchen and Poopsie
   Helen and Sylvia
   Hope and Ellie Heliczer
   jack and peggy
   Jacqui and Noreen
   James and Lois
   jan2 and mike2
   jan3 and mike3
   Jan3 and Pami3
   jan4 and mike4
   Jan4 and Pami4
   Janeth and Nancy
   Janet and Martin
   jean and nadine
   Jim and KRP
   JoAnn Kovar and Donna
   Joe and Linda
   joy and Catherine
   joy and Janey
   Judy and Alastair
   Karine and Martha
   Kathy and Judy
   Kathy and Sam
   Katy and Mom
   Kay and Mary
   Keith and Robert
   Last woman and First man
   Laur Beth and Gail Diane
   Leanna and Papi
   Linda and Carole
   lisa and kimmie
   Lis and Dad
   Lois and Eila
   Lois and James
   Lorraine Macko and Tinka Goslee
   Lucille and Peg
   Mamie and Lani
   Marion Shaw and Susan Labistour
   Marjie and Nancy
   mark and brian
   Mary and Lorraine
   Mary Gerkin and Beth
   Maureen and Ellen
   MC2 and PS2
   Megan and Brooke
   mike1 and jan1
   mike5 and jan5
   mike6 and jan6
   Mindy and George
   Miriam and Rivka Penina
   Mom and Tonya
   Monica Deblegiers and Anne
   Nancy and MJ
   Nanette Ciano and Peggy
   Naomi and Abby
   Newman and Victor
   Nov 4 C and Nov 4 Eds
   pam2 and jan2
   pami1 and jan1
   pammie and betty
   Pam and Geoff
   pam and Jen
   Pam and Jim
   Pam and Mary
   Pat and Kim
   Paula and gail
   Paula and Jean
   pauline and mum
   Paul and Brigid
   Paul and Jane
   paul and ken
   Peg and Tina
   Phil and Linn
   Princess Aud and Queen Mouse
   Randy and Mom
   RIBBY and mumsy
   Ribsy and Uncle JJ
   rightsiderenie and leftsidemarg
   rkgdy and Susan J Hil
   roberta and susan
   Rosemary and Donna
   Rusty and David
   Ruth and Carole
   Sandi and Kathy
   SB13 and AC03
   Sheila and Ramona
   Shelley and Kathy
   SH and DE
   Sleepy and Sneezy
   soflma and gestsh
   Steve and Whitney
   Still Hopeful and Over Confident
   Sue and Mary
   suzette and Babette
   TANYA and ALI
   Ten Up and Ten Down
   The Sims and The Tims
   Tom and Jude
   Tom and Tony
   Valda and Pat
   Very Retired and Envious
   Virginia and Joyce
   World and Series

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