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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 109 games being played in this room.

   Aces and Sevens
   Alma41 and Denise55
   amy and ali
   Amy and caroline
   andrew and marjean
   Anna J and Bob J
   ann and pen
   AnticipatingTucsonAmy and InForTheLongHaulChris
   Apie and Noot
   Audrey and Fiona
   Auntie Barbara and Kaneen
   Barbara and Joyce
   Barcelona and Madrid
   Becky and Margi
   Becky and Patty
   Bella and Mom
   Beth and Joanne
   Betsy and Roberta
   Bonnie and David
   Brian and Harley
   Carolyn and Donna
   Carolyn and Patti
   Carolyn and Sue
   Celeste and Greg
   chip and marian
   Cora and Janet
   Dad and Daughter
   Dan and Bobbie
   Dave and Dolly
   Dave and Linda
   Deb and Bet
   Di Bethune and Barb M
   dot and jennie
   Dougie and HellnJoy
   Duke and Quino
   Eleanor Alden and Joan
   Elisabeth and Eleanor
   February and Lowssssss
   goofy and ducky
   GrahamM and VivianeS
   grammy and nana
   HealedMan and HealedWoman
   Helena and Florence
   Jack and Pat
   jean and Gerry
   Jill and Miriam
   JimC and JimG
   Jim and Bob
   Joan and Jackie
   JO and MO
   jp and do
   judy and diana
   judy and michele
   judy p and debbie
   julie and cher
   Karen and Jan
   Leanna and Papi
   leila and marg
   Lesley and Andy
   Lesley and Vic
   Lis and Chis
   Lis and Dot
   loes and marianne
   Loes and Wayne
   March and Highsssssss
   March and Lowssssssssss
   Marianne Love and marsha
   Marilyn and Kerry
   Mark and Lolo
   Marybaby and Patticakes
   Mary and Rache
   Mary Gour and Elisabeth
   Michael and Joyce
   Michael and Sylvia
   Michele and Nettie
   Mickey and Emma
   mik and beck
   MIL and DIL
   miriam and ann
   Mom5 and Nicky5
   Mom and Deb
   Mumsy and TJ
   Nancy and Sharyn
   patti and Pati
   Pat Tripp and Mariko
   Paul 011A and Andy 011A
   Penny and Carol
   Phyllis and Faye
   phyllis and rebecca
   PolarVortexNoNoNo and BundleUpBaby
   Rita and Val
   RN and Teacher
   Robin Wicks and amy
   Sandy Read and Beverley Hillrich
   Saturday and Funday
   Saundra and Joann
   skunked again and skunker
   Smokin and Slumpy
   sobodeb and debput
   Susanc and Patp
   Susan and Linda
   Susan and Louie
   susan and paula
   WhichOneIsWInning and WhoTheHeckKnows
   zarg and sheree
   ZuMoo and Boo
   ZvMOO and BOO
   ZWMOO and BOO
   ZyMoo and Boo

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