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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 152 games being played in this room.

   Alexandra and Laura
   Alice Koch and Joan East
   Alison and Angela
   Amy and Mom
   Andrea and Trina
   Andy249p and Paul249p
   andy255p and paul255p
   Andy and Clara
   Andy and Penny
   Anna J and Bob J
   Anne and Jackie
   arlene and rita
   Audrey and Fiona
   Bambi and Thumper
   Barbara and Jamie
   Barb and Joe
   Beth and Betty
   Beth B and Betty
   betsy and susan
   Binx and Mum
   birdie and books
   Bob and Cindy
   Brenda and Barbara
   Buddy and Jenn
   Butch and Bernie
   CambridgeConnection and PortsmouthPortal
   Carolyn and Patti
   carolyn and sue
   carol and louise
   Casey and Sheila
   Catherine and Lori
   cathy and ganny
   celeste and diana
   Charley and Hope
   Charlotte and irene
   Cher and Julie
   Cindy and Dad
   Claudia Marlowe and chelsea vaughn
   Claud and EJ
   Corny and Bryce
   Dafni and Martha
   Dan and Kathy
   Deb and Elaine
   Deb and Linda
   Diane and Gillian
   dianne and linda
   Donna and Renate
   Dottie and Jane
   Down 3 and jane
   Drizella and Cruella
   Evelyn and Sue
   Frosty Kim and Rudolph Carol
   gail and june
   gene and Don
   Gerri and Linda
   Gingie Patt and Cookie Jenn
   Gramma to Hazel and Gracyn and Daddy to Hazel and Gracyn
   hank and frank
   Heheheee and Hohohoo
   Helen and Jo
   Henrietta and Joanne
   Hope and Charley
   Irene and Maria
   Janet and Dawn
   Janet and Deena
   Janet and Karen
   Jan and Siri
   jean and em
   jean and nadine
   jennie and betty
   Jimmy and Betty
   Joan and Donna
   Joe and Barb
   Joyce and Chet
   Joyce and Stefan
   Jo Ann and Edie
   Judy and Cindy
   Judy and Claire
   Judy and Cora
   Judy and Janet
   Judy and MaryLou
   kathie and sue
   kathi and dave
   kathy a and sue m
   Katrina and Elliephaunt
   Kim and Mom
   Linda and Nancy
   Linda and Ruth
   Linda and Terri Berri
   Lin and Jess
   Litres and Gallons
   lorne and paul
   Loserval and Ailby lass
   Maddi and Dorothy
   marcia and gary
   Marcia and Patti
   Marion and Laurie
   Mary and Arlene
   Mary and Kate
   Mary and Suzi
   Mary Matzo and Santa Saltine
   maxine and jill
   MC and EM
   Mickey and Emma
   mic and paul
   mmmw and jpm
   Nancy and Peg
   Nancy Nyberg and Abby Meyer
   Naomi and Haze
   Nic and Karli
   Ona and Mak
   Pam and Rita
   PEG and IRENE
   Penny and Art
   Philip and Kate
   piaralph and mom
   Poinsettia Paula and Dreidel dots
   Popper and Jingle
   Prancer and Dancer
   Rachel and susie
   rat23 and moogen30
   Rene97 and David95
   Ribsy and Uncle JJ
   rigotoniterry and butterflypastaphil
   Rita and Christie
   Ritz and Club
   Roast Beast and Christmas Goose
   Roni and Wanda
   rosie and ruthi
   Ros and Greg
   runner up and first place
   santacookieterry and phudgecoatedphil
   scott and mary jane
   scrabbler and kuber
   Shelley and Penny
   Sleet and Snow
   sorrelle and dina
   Soweto gospel and Berkeley Messiah
   Stars and Twinkle
   Steverino and Sheridan
   st thomas and courtright
   Sue and Kristen Sue
   Suzi and Ging
   Tammy and Jane
   Tony and Barbara
   ToyDrum and LittleDolly
   tree and patti
   zymologist and memsahib

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