Welcome to The Pasta Party Game Room !

Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

Clicking on refresh will load the most click to refresh login page recent list of games, in this room.
Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 81 games being played in this room.

   Anna and Marja
   Anna and Neal
   Bee and Bosh
   Bela and Blondie
   Bink and Kathy
   Brita and Martha
   Carolyn and Patti
   Carol and Steve
   Deanna and Dorcas
   Dee and Jeannie
   Denise and Pat
   dsob and dput
   Edie and JoAnn
   Eron Harold and Todd Eron
   Gail and Cherie
   GG and GR
   Gillian Keeley and Brigitte
   Gumby and pokey
   heidi levasseur and emily levasseur
   Hope and Lin
   Ichiban and Lipton
   irene and pat
   Irene and Tracy
   Jan and Nancy
   Jhoe and Luek
   jill and dot
   Joe and Luke
   Kim and Edith
   kip and joy
   Larry Rowinsky and Nancy
   Linda and Deb
   Linda Lee and Melba
   Little Lad Joe and Big Boy Luke
   LoloV and KikiD
   Lynne and Betsy
   Margaret Dexter and caroline
   Marilynn and Sally Ann
   marty joseph and Richardlstucker
   marybeth and evy
   Mary and Pam
   MET and GPW
   me and linda
   mikki and sandi
   miss sheree and miss mary
   Mom and Ben
   Monica and Christine
   nancy and roger
   nicky 2 and mom 2
   nicky 7 and mom 7
   Nicole and Julie
   Nina and marilyn
   Norah and Janet
   Oma and Grammy
   PackerPlayoffSunday and WinOrGoHome
   PamB and CindyK
   Pasta Lover Kay and Pasta Lover May
   Paula and Susan
   Paulette Wise and Janice Waltke
   Penny and Art
   piaralph and mom
   Roberta and Susan
   Roe and Mary Ann
   RoZan and Jackie
   sand and cand
   sharon and barbara
   sharon and Ona
   sharyn and Brooke
   sharyn and donna
   stan and chris
   steady grace and sturdy grace
   Susan J Hill and gail
   S G 3 and S L 4
   Tammy and Jan
   Tonia and Pam
   Trudy and Maxene
   Trudy and Nancy
   Uncle Paul and Jen
   Vicki and Doug
   Voyager 2 and Oumuamua

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