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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 88 games being played in this room.

   Agoodgame and Largento
   Betsy and Susan
   Bill and Liz
   Brigitte and URI
   Cuz S and Cuz C
   Deb and uRiB
   Des and Leighton
   Dorothy and Susan
   Fair and uriB
   Gary and Gram
   Gary and Mon
   Goobers and Snickers
   Green and Beans
   Greta Hieber and Audrey Roach
   Heather and Kelli
   Heat brain and Brand new old car
   Heat Brain and Computer Headaches
   HOT and Humid
   Hot and humid again and Plenty of rain
   Ilene and dot
   Jack and uriB
   Jen and Pam
   Jess and Dot
   Jill and Jack
   KAthy and Judy
   Kay and Janet
   Linda and uRiB
   lois and uRI
   mieke and ruth
   millie and dennis
   Mom and Gary
   mum and Max
   newmanicurenewattitude and newyardnewoutlook
   Nort and UrI
   nort and uri
   Nort and uri
   Nort and Uri
   Nort and URIb
   Pat and uRiB
   Pauline and uri
   Pauline and uRi
   Pauline and UrI
   Pauline and uRiB
   Pauline and Uri Breda
   Peggy and uRiB
   Raining Again and Bad Hair Day
   Rosemary and Joan
   Rosemary and Wendy
   SheSnoozes and ByTheSkinOfGat
   Sue and Mary
   sue m and kathy
   Susan and uRi
   Susan and uri
   Susan and Uri
   Susan and urib
   Susan and UrIb
   Susan and uRiB
   Susan and UrIbr
   Susan and Uri Breda
   Tom and Geno
   tree and patti
   Trumbull and Gwinnett
   Uri15 and Brigitte15
   Uri18 and Brigitte18
   Uri20 and Brigitte20
   Uri22B and Fair22
   Uri23 and Brigitte23
   UriBr and Fair2
   UriB and PaulineSolistice
   UriB and Warren
   Uri 67 and Peg67
   Uri and BenC
   Uri and daniel
   Uri and David
   Uri and Jack
   uri and jack
   Uri and Julie
   uri and Nort
   uri and nort
   Uri b6 and Peg c6
   Uri Breda and Linda Henry
   warren and uRi
   warren and uRI
   warren and uRib
   warren and UrIb
   warren and uRiBr
   warren and Uri Breda