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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

Clicking on refresh will load the most recent list of games, in this room.
Please scroll down the player list, and click on your player names, to open your games.

There are currently 129 games being played in this room.

   AA CRUZADO for 112 and BANTERED for 78
   AA EXCHANGER for 86 and PETALLED for 90
   AA JEREMIAD for 107 and CESTOIDS for 84
   AA NONSKIDS for 69 and COQUETS for 88
   AA PARAKEET for 140 and DOGGERS for 158
   AA PLASMONS for 95 and EUXENITE for 78
   AA RENATURE for 74 and COSMIST for 84
   AA SANATIVE for 83 and DECKING for 82
   AA TAXIMAN for 101 and TUMPLINE for 84
   AA VENALITY for 110 and CITRALS for 86
   Alice and Brenda
   Andrea and Carole
   Anna and Pinkle
   AnnR and SusanD
   Ann Park and Lisl
   Atmo and Suzy
   A Lenti and Lgatoff
   BarbS and Maple
   Barb and Jo
   Betty and Evie
   Blanie and Regina
   Bloomfield and Buffaloo
   Brenda and Michele
   Brenda and Terry
   Bruce and Freda
   Buffaloooooo and Bloooooomfield
   Carol and John Wagner
   Carol and Josie
   Car and Vaf
   Cheryl and Patty
   chillaxing in K Falls and SNOW in Calhan CO
   clark and joanne
   Codymonster and Hattiepanster
   Dashahead and Creepingup
   Dawn and Del
   Dawn and Teresa
   Dee and Jan
   Diana and Kate
   Diane and Kim
   DoctorQ and DogLady
   Donna and Myrna
   Donna C and Eva
   Elaine and Genia
   Eleanor and BETH
   Ergi Kirkin and Botic van de Vandschulp
   Flamingo and Truthseeker
   Frog and Fox
   Georgia and Lisa
   Grant and Pamela
   Helen and Brenda
   Irma and Anita
   Jane and Karen
   Jan and Mary Ann
   Jeanne and Christy
   Jeannie and Miriam
   Jean and Julie
   Jessica and John
   joanne and sharon
   Judy and Mary
   judy and Mary Brady
   Kanny KC and SavvySusie
   kathyj and anitabanita
   Kday and Ldraper
   Ken1 and Vince1
   Lance and Ray
   Laura and Viv
   Lee1023 and Jc1023
   LESA and JEAN
   Lilly Pad and Babys Breath
   Linda and Pam
   linda and Rochelle
   Lisa and Norma
   Liser and Janer
   Lori and Di
   Lou and CeeCee
   Lynda and Reuven
   Lynn and Sally
   Marge01 and Dennie01
   Marg and DelC
   Marilyn and Raymond
   Marion and Judy
   Marlene and Annie
   Martha and Beatriz
   mary and john
   Mary Ann and John
   Mermaid and DogLady
   Michelle and Karin
   Michigan Gal and California Girl
   miker johnson and jan
   Miss Nancy 2 and Miss Margaret 2
   Miss Nancy and Miss Maria
   Mona and Sheila
   Nancy and Vicki
   Nannan and Judjud
   neva and jan
   Noeline and Doreen
   PAM and CAROL
   Pam and Leah
   Pat 1 RRRR and Joan 1 RRRR
   Pat 1 SSSS and Joan 1 SSSS
   Pat and Mo
   paula and janette
   pauline and laurina
   Penny and Glen
   Peri and Pat
   petunia and forsythia
   Rosemary and Sherry
   Sandy and Patty
   Saphire and Opal
   Shaindy and Chanie
   Spring Showers in TX and May Flowers in CA
   srw and mj
   Sue and Edith
   Sue Melton and Carol E Box
   Susan and Barbara
   susan and steve
   Tahoe and Rosa
   Tanya and Kath
   Teri Mershon and vicki Johnson
   Terry and Brenda
   Tommie and Marlene
   toni and ej S
   Tried and True
   tryformore and lessisbetter
   Vic and John
   Wendy and Crystale

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