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Players must start all new games within 7 days of receiving notification of their turn.
Games where a player has not started their game within that time limit, will expire.
Otherwise, you have 14 days to continue your game, else your game will also expire.

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There are currently 173 games being played in this room.

   agram and eener
   andie and carolyn
   Anet and Anne
   Angela and Athlyne
   angeline and jenessa
   Anjelene and Tulip
   Anna Jean and Larry
   Anne and Diane
   Anne and Rachel
   Anniversary and Birthday
   A Kathy and An Ellen
   Barbara Alice and Ann
   Barbara and Monique Pyle
   Barbara and Ruth
   Barbie and Doreen
   Barb and Sarah
   batty and loony
   BC Trees and AB Snow Drops
   Best Boyfriend and Best Girlfriend
   Betty and Donna
   Bill and Cynthia
   bobbie and glen
   Brenda and Ali
   Bruce and Miles
   Carol and Joanne
   Carol and Mary
   carol Rayner and Lorna Burns
   Cathy and Karen
   celeste and kathy
   Chris and Patty
   Cindy and Wanda
   City Slicker and Almost Farmer
   Clara Brown and Jim Murphy
   ColdSouthGreg and CoolNorthPhil
   Cuzmarge and Cuzjan
   Cynthia and Eleanor
   C Daniel and Donna
   David and Arno
   David and Cyril
   Debbie and Gina
   denice 17 and diana 18
   DoctorQ and DogLady
   donna and dorothy
   Doris and Betty
   dorothy and donna
   Elaine and Georgina
   Elaine and Pat
   Ellie and Nancy
   fog and clouds
   Frances Werther and Allison Wicker
   Frank and Jane
   Fransisco Comesana and Sebastian Korda
   Friend of the Devil and Thats What Friends are For
   Gail and Allie
   Georgia and Ruka
   Georgina Downie and Gerry Sobie
   Gerry and Tuco
   Gib and Don
   Gina and Terry
   Gloria and Sandra
   Helen and Wanda
   heth and linda
   Hot Like Summer and Nice Cool Spring
   Janet and Margaret
   Jane and Frank
   Jane and Kath
   Janice and Sandy
   Janie Poo and Billy Boy
   Jan and Jeannie
   Jan and Lyn
   Jan and Peggy Girl
   Jeanne Cowan and JoAnn Freedman
   Jenn2 and Linn2
   Jenneke and Maaike
   Jenny and Sandra
   Jen and Mic
   Jess and Vic
   Jim and Dede
   Joanne and Susan
   Joan and Joanne
   Joan West and Joan East
   Jody and Lynn
   Joyce and Alicia
   Judi and Sally
   Judy and Carol
   Judy A and Linda b
   June and Carol
   JustJanet and MercifulMary
   Karen and Marion
   Karen and Mom
   Karen Scheele and Joyce DeBoer
   Kathie and june
   Kathy and Pam
   Kay and Chris
   Kay and Hil
   kim and diane
   Kim Wisdom and Mark Wisdom
   KiwiAnn and TassieChris
   Lance and Ray
   Larraine and Sandra
   Laura and Martha
   Linda and Ann
   Linda and Barb
   linda rutta and marlene pliska
   Loopy and Irene
   Louise and Bette
   LRP and Kathie
   LuLu and Mares
   Mare and Karwon
   Margaret and Allie
   Marian and Jean
   Marion and Alison
   Marje and Linda
   Marlene and Pearl
   Marsha and Nancy
   Maryjo and Dolly
   Mary and Judy
   mary and judy
   Mary and Marg
   mary and suzanne
   mary ann and Linda
   Mary Jane and Jan
   Mary Martha and Carol
   Mike34 and George34
   Nancy and Judy
   Nancy and Rosemary
   Nano Nancy and Mambo Miriam
   NAN and SAN
   Nan and Urs
   Nora and Donna
   Overboard in TX and Smooth Sailing in DE
   Pammie and Did
   Pam and Vic
   Patrick and Jennifer
   Patty and Chris
   Pat 4 RRRR and Joan 4 RRRR
   Pat 4 SSSS and Joan 4 SSSS
   Pat and Barbara
   Penny and Cynthia
   prescott and yonkers
   Queenie and Skyman
   Reed and Sue
   Rita and Ann
   Robin and Sharon
   Roop and Babs
   Rosie and Colleen
   sally and janet
   Sal and Jen
   Sandy and Barb
   Sarah and Traci
   Sharon and Sue
   Sharyn and Donna
   Shar and Ruth
   Sheila and Betty
   Sherry and Martin
   Shirley Lovish and Cherrie Conner
   SpringTimeSudsy and SprungOutAthey
   Spyke and Tuco
   Sue and Allison
   sue and Joanne Leiper
   Sue and Peg
   Sunshine and Carol
   susan and janette
   Susan and Jo
   Susan and Nancy
   Therese and Dody
   Trish Hopkinson and Mom
   Tyla and Phil
   UnforPhilled and Iainevitable
   Unstressed and Stressed
   valerie and joanne

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